The Worst Enemies of SEO

Although the search engine giant undoubtedly gives SEO companies a migraine, it’s not the biggest challenge when it comes to optimization efforts. Those from the digital marketing industry actually need to be friends with it if they want the coveted top spot in rankings.

So what keeps SEO firms on their toes?

[icon name=”hb-moon-clock-5″ size=”medium” color=”” float=”left”]The Essence of Time

Beating a deadline and delivering results is tough when you don’t know when those results will show up. If they do, they might not be as positive as you originally wanted them to be. Search engine optimization is such a dynamic sector that you will feel like you’re always competing for extra time.

Time for your clients, time to see their rankings go up, time to check if your content marketing strategy is really working. The reason why plenty of SEO agencies don’t make it big is because they underestimate this enemy. For example: they assume that by simply building backlinks and writing guest posts that they can gain the needed online authority.

What they don’t realize is that SEO takes time.

Often, a LONG time to see profitable results. This means more than just data you can see on your analytic tools. That doesn’t say you shouldn’t give yourself and your team a deadline. Those are still important in order to measure productivity. But in order to really taste the fruit of your hard labor, give some aspects of SEO (like content marketing and social media) the time it needs.

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Repetition and Routine

What happens if you do a task again and again? It becomes a habit. Habits are hard to break. It usually takes weeks or months if you want to change or replace it. In SEO, some companies have developed quite satisfactory optimization habits that they fail to try new ones. This can stagnate results or worse – stop delivering them entirely.

One of the hardest things in digital marketing is staying on top of trends.

The Web churns out dozens of new interests each day that it’s tough for just one person to keep track of them. On top of that, Google isn’t helping at all with their regular updates. Add market temperatures, social media climate, and getting online authority – each of them need their own set of strategies in order to become effective.

Which brings us back to the first SEO enemy: time. When formulating techniques, it takes time to see a favorable outcome. More often than not, it’s either NO results or BAD results. The key isn’t to simply go with the flow; but rather, to invest in skilled and resourceful people who can cut through the routine, step with the trend, and tailor it into a unique SEO method that works.

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Darkness Before Light

Search engine optimization is like being in a dark tunnel. It’s very long, winding, and you can’t always see what’s in front of you. This leads us to all kinds of uncertainty. Will this website rank at all? If so, when? What happens if we post this video? Will it go viral? Will it be good or bad if it does? Even when building quality backlinks, you may surprised that your client’s site isn’t ranking well at all.

SEO is frustrating at times because there’s no guarantee.

Be wary of agencies who claim that they can increase your rank in a certain time frame (be number one in three months!). There’s no set rule. It may take three months – it might not. A business that seems difficult to place in Google’s top searches could surprise you by being on the top 5 after only a month.

But it is this downside that is also it’s main strength. Because SEO is so unpredictable, every firm can make its own unique method that appeals to various industries. There’s a surprise in every turn; and great satisfaction for achieving the impossible. For SEO companies that aren’t resourceful enough in navigating the dark tunnels of Google’s algorithm, they become lost and eventually, vanish.

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Turn Enemies Into Friends

What separates good SEO firms from great ones is the ability to have competitors link back to them. The same is true for optimization enemies.

• Manage your time by properly allocating tasks and relying on committed workers.
• Remove routine by experimenting on a few new trends.
• Shed light on uncertain results with regular monitoring of data and re-aligning strategies.

Just like Google, you need to be friends with it if you want a favorable outcome. If you feel that your tactics aren’t working, step back and take a look at the bigger picture. SEO is no easy task – but somebody’s gotta do it.

If you got a hard time knowing your enemies, we got SEO Expert that can help you identify them. We want to assist you in leveraging the power of your website. Therefore, allow us to work on your technical SEO.

What makes SEO challenging for you? Go ahead and share your thoughts!

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