The demand and the popularity of videos are getting more and more widespread.

Marketers and businesses knew of its importance that integrating it into their marketing strategies will boost business performance. In fact, everyone that knows about internet and how to access it recognizes the significance of videos.

Google has updated Google My Business and added a new feature that will improve how businesses can attract more customers.

Not only that, but they also added a new feature to a tool to make it easier for webmasters to enhance their chances of attracting customers.

So, what’s new, Google?

Google My Business Feature: Videos

Recently, Allyson Wright, Google My Business’s community manager announced an exciting addition to Google My Business.

Google My Business has launched the feature to enable business owners to upload videos about their business. It also allows customers to view the videos that customers have uploaded.

The platform currently supports videos that take 30 seconds in duration.

With the new features, this is an excellent opportunity for you to be able to give potential customers a unique experience through videos.

How to Upload Videos on Google My Business?

Uploading your videos to Google My Business is easy. This is how you get to upload your videos.

You can see where you can upload your videos to the Photos Dashboard. There will be a tab “Video” tab there and, by selecting “Post Videos,” you get to upload your videos for people to see.

Drag and drop the videos that you want to feature. Also, bear in mind of the note of the bottom of the page.

Let it upload, and you’re done! See? Easy.


However, according to Allyson, it would take up to 24 hours for your videos to appear on your business profile.


Although, live or not, when you’re done uploading, your video will be shown on the By Owner‘s tab. You can see the videos that your customers uploaded to the By Customer‘s tab and you will be able to look at all videos uploaded on the Videos tab.

Additionally, you can flag videos that your customers had uploaded when you deem them as inappropriate.

Where can people see the videos?

The videos that you and your customers have uploaded can be seen in the photos section of the company’s business profile. This can be accessed from the Knowledge panel on the right and sometimes in the photos section in the map view.

One example of businesses integrating videos into their business profiles is Voodoo Doughnut.

Videos to Attract and Videos to React

Using Videos to Attract

Visual elements are becoming a must-have in every business.

These elements are more important especially when you have a business that factors beauty as one of the things to attract customers. Take Voodoo Doughnuts as an example again.

As you can see from the image above, the video highlights and showcases their beautiful and delicious-looking sweets. Just by looking at the photos will make you want to go and get one for yourself. And that’s the thing.

You can’t capture that reaction from your customers when all you do is describe it with words.

No matter how good you are writing your descriptions, not all people get to imagine what you are describing. Images, on the other hand, increases your chance to prompt customers into action. While using videos, you get to double or triple your chances!

To get the most of that effect from viewers, you have to adopt best video practices.

Implementation of Reaction Videos

Additionally, videos are not only for attracting customers. They are also used as a means for customers to react to your business.

However, video uploads were already launched last year. Only they were for Local Guides.

This is to let Local Guides showcase local businesses by providing a mini-tour for the viewers. These local guides get to inform and share their experiences with other people who might be interested in going to a place.

With this new feature, customers, who aren’t Local Guides can now post videos of their experiences.

When you think of it, that kind of passes as a reaction video. This is one more way for customers to express their opinions in a visually stimulating way.

The Inclusion of Videos in Google My Business

The implementation of videos in Google My Business listings is, technically, not new. It was already incorporated into the platform in 2008 but it was removed due to multiple duplications on Google My Business Dashboard.

However, the presence of video content is undeniably essential in business. Especially if videos are becoming more and more in demand.

With the new features, it is expected that business owners will put that to good use.

Utilizing AMP Testing Tool in the SERPs

2018 is starting to be a productive year for both Google and webmasters.

Google has implemented multiple updates in its tools and platforms in order to make it easier for webmasters to be able to manage their websites efficiently.

Regarding the updates, they also recently launched an update of their Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP Testing Tool.

Since it was released in 2015, Google has done little other than giving it a page of its own. However, with the new update, internet users, webmaster or no, can now access the tool within the SERPs or Search Engine Results Page.

By just typing “google amp testing tool” or “amp testing tool.”

When you input a URL in the field, you will be redirected to the AMP testing tool page.

The update and change may seem small, but admit it that it just made your job easier without having to make the extra effort in going to the page.

Last Thoughts

The beginning of the year 2018 is rife with updates and we are sure to be expecting more shortly.

These updates are the signs of change and evolution from one method to another method that is better and more useful than the previous one. These updates will be your key to open up opportunities in order to get your business successful.

However, these tools rely on you. To become useful tools, you have to be effective yourself.

So, are you ready to use these tools and reach success?

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