Whats With The New Google Hire The Impact On The Recruitment Industry

Google Hire is something we can look out for, although Google has not officially announced the launching of what seems to be a new job service

Currently, you can’t do anything aside from visiting their homepage. Everything else is locked out of the public, perhaps until Google officially launched the new tool. So in the meantime, let’s talk about some thoughts about this new Google Hire.

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Impact On Competitors

This new tool from Google could hurt one of the finest services offered by Linkedin and Indeed.

The same with these job search websites, Google Hire will help businesses manage and track job applications. According to Axios, some tech-based companies have already been testing Google Hire. Companies like DramaFever, SingleHop, Medisas, Poynt and CoreOS are some mentioned to be lucky enough to test this Google service.

It could spark threat to competitors, especially if it can offer a new system to manage and track job processes and applications, despite the fact that it is not functioning yet.

Business Recruitment Processes

Google Hire could offer great opportunities for businesses when it comes to their recruitment purposes. Basically, it allows employers to post job listings, manage and accept job listings.

But aside from these common job service features, a controversy sparked that employers can snoop on user’s search history. Several news outlets tackled topics that suggest that Google Hire can possibly see user’s search history. This is based on the fact that users can only access the service by signing into their personal account, which contains information regarding user’s search and YouTube viewing habits unless such features have been turned off by the users.

However, according to an interview by Gizmodo,  a Google representative cleared that only the information shared by the candidates, themselves, will be available for the employers which are a part of the online application process. It was made clear that Google does not share private information such as search and viewing history so it would not be possible for a prospective employer to accidentally view any user’s search or viewing history.


We really don’t know specifically what it could offer, but one thing is for sure, it could bring a change to the recruitment industry, especially in job searching and application. These are assumptions. No one knows for sure, but we will find out sooner or later.

More update as the story progressed.

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