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It is a no-brainer to know that many, if not all, businesses need an impressive website to attract clients and nail the online lead generation efforts. However, you also must be aware that not all websites are considered the same.

Your line of business could be different from the others. That is why we always reiterate that every website must be fully customized according to the needs of the business and its prospects clients.

Specifically for law sites, the SEO efforts start from its web design. An effective SEO for lawyers starts with an impressive website that does not only attracts consumers but also persuade and encourage them to take further action.

So to help you with your web design efforts for a law site, take a look at some tips that will help you make law sites that effectively drive in leads.

The Three “S” Of Your Contact Form

A lawyer website should be simple. Your ultimate aim building a website is to create a medium where online users connect to the business. This is why your contact form is crucial to building your website.

Here’s the 3 S to remember in creating your contact form.

The Starting Process.

The fact that the target clients are searching the web is a proof that they are in need of your service. Placing your contact form on your homepage could act as an elevator pitch so you can instantly connect to your target people.


Your contact form should be easy to fill in. Avoid getting too strict in your validation. You must also be concise with the information you ask for.


Do not ask for too many information that is irrelevant to the services you offer. A full name, contact number, email address, short message and a Captcha enough validation so your prospects can contact you.

Apparent “About” and “Practice Areas” Information

Lawyers offer crucial services which prospect clients are very particular about. If you are designing a lawyer website, pertinent details about your firm and your practice areas should be apparent and it should complement your elevator pitch on the homepage.

For example, if you have a contact form as your elevator pitch on top of your home page, you may need quick supporting details to persuade users just in case they get skeptical.

So try to place an easy access to relevant details just under the elevator pitch, in this case, the contact form. This will allow users to get to know more about the firm without navigating other pages.

Use of Content Umbrella Structure

Customize your page so your target clients can easily see relevant information. Next to your home page, your content organization is extremely important in creating an effective website.

The main point of practicing the content umbrella structure is to avoid the content fatigue among users. Perhaps, you are already aware of the complex details of the various practices. Trying to squeeze in the details into one category page could be too much for the website visitors to consume.

With a content umbrella structure, one overarching theme or category could be divided into subcategories so users can only navigate in pages relevant to them.

For example, a personal injury practice involves a lot other more specific practice areas. You can place these specific areas one by one as a subcategory.

This way, your website visitors can navigate into subcategory pages without having to delve into other unnecessary information. Thus, avoiding the content fatigue and allowing users to stay longer on the website.

Practice Visual Hierarchy

In a website, some parts could be a more important than the other. This is where you could practice visual hierarchy. Visual hierarchy allows you to give more importance to a certain function or part that needs more attention.

A call-to-action button could be bigger and could have bigger font size so it can attract users. Colors could also be used. An active menu can be of different hue or color as emphasis so users will know what page they are currently in.

For a law website, the most prominent parts which need great emphasis are usually the contact form and phone number. So when applying a color scheme and text design make these elements stand out by using a different color or bigger font size for these elements.

Get The Tiny Details On Point

This is often overlooked by most web designers. But these tiny details could be your cues to drive online users towards your website. Let’s take a look at some of them.


This shows users the path they have taken in navigating through a website. This allows users to easily navigate back to the previous page or to the homepage when necessary.

Presence of Contact Form on All Pages.

A website should grab every opportunity to drive the client down the funnel as soon happens or it just passes. When a prospective client decided to contact the law firm, your contact form should be ready on the sidebar regardless of what page they are in.

Page Speed.

I personally think this one is NOT a ‘tiny’detail but still often overlooked. With so many information laid down on the table for the users, they have very little patience on waiting for your website to load. They can easily abandon your website even if it only takes a little bit more of a second to load.

The ideal web design for a law site should not be complicated. It is about finding the right combination of a little bit of everything. From the structure to the content to the visuals, a law site attracts users through a properly organized website complete with necessary details that serves the purpose of the prospective client.

Getting your law sites ready for 2018?  Your web design is crucial as the other elements to make Google love your website. Seek the help of a professional web design company to help you with your web design efforts and make this year an ideal year for your law firm to gather more clients and grow.

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