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10 Ways To Make Your Website More Credible

10 Ways To Make Your Website More Credible
10 Ways To Make Your Website More Credible

Trust is the foundation of every successful business partnership. People must expect you to execute on your words before purchasing your goods or paying for your services. This implies that you, as a company owner, must make yourself credible.

A potential customer’s first port of call is almost always your website. The validity of your website influences whether a visitor contacts you, buys the product, or just leaves your website and moves on to the next. We’ve put up a list of ten steps to help you create a trustworthy website.

How To Make Your Website Look Credible?

  1. Aesthetically Appealing Website

According to a University of Melbourne research, more visually appealing websites increase trust. This is supported by a One Poll survey, which showed that 70% of consumers said they would not purchase from a business with a poorly designed website. These data should be considered while deciding whether to create your website, utilize a template, or engage in professional quality website design ideas.

  1. Make Yourself Available

Make it very apparent that any client who needs to contact you will be able to do so. Aside from entering contact information, ensure that the contact information is active and responding to any queries and phone calls. Don’t appear as if you’re concealing anything from your consumers; it won’t make them more trustworthy. Maintain customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and notify your consumers when you will be accessible to take calls.

  1. Place Your Physical Address 

Having an actual street address on your website helps show your credibility, not just to website users but also to search engines. A physical location informs customers that you are a legitimate, well-established company. It also provides them with peace of mind while doing business with you. The best location to provide a physical address on your website is either at the bottom or a dedicated contact page. This is most likely where your website visitors will search for it.

  1. Display Contact Information Visibly

Include contact information on your website, including a Contact Us page. A visible phone number on your website informs visitors that they may contact you and indicates that you want to hear from them.

Websites that require users to look for or conceal their phone number convey an incorrect impression. Put your phone number at the top of your website or on the contact page. The goal is to make it as simple as possible for website users, prospects, and customers to contact you.

  1. Display Social Media Accounts

When you have a social media account, you should make it visible on your website, particularly if you have many followers. This contributes to the creation of immediate credibility. In 2021, there would be 4.48 billion individuals actively using social media worldwide, a 13.13 percent rise from 3.69 billion in 2020. There were only 2.07 billion users in 2015, representing a 115.59 percent growth in users in only six years.

  1. Include Testimonials 

Testimonials and reviews are essential factors in your prospects’ purchasing decisions. According to a BrightLocal survey, 88 percent of customers trust online evaluations just as much as a personal recommendation. “72 percent believe good reviews increase their confidence in a company.” Encourage your consumers to submit testimonials for you.

Testimonials and reviews are excellent sales tools. An excellent testimonial highlights the customer’s difficulty before doing business with you and how you assisted them in overcoming those obstacles. You may also improve the effectiveness of your testimonials by including pictures of clients or including a video.

  1. Publish Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Including your privacy policy and terms of service on your website shows potential consumers that you are transparent. Your privacy policy informs website visitors about the information you collect and how you use it when they visit your website.

Your terms inform potential consumers about the conditions of doing business with you. At the bottom of your website, you may include your primary privacy policy and terms of service. When your website needs an email address for newsletter signups or whitepaper downloads, provide a link to your privacy policy in the form where they enter their information.

  1. Use Third-party-verified Trust Seals

Trust seals are particularly essential for websites that gather sensitive information, such as credit card numbers. A trust seal informs internet users that your website is authentic and validated by a third party. Data hacking is becoming a more significant issue for companies of all sizes. Customers may be more willing to provide sensitive information if you are taking additional precautions to protect your website.

  1. Publish Your Guarantee 

Guarantees are an excellent method to convince potential clients to do business with you. It distinguishes you from your rivals and reduces the risk of doing business with you. You may provide a guarantee to your consumers in various ways, such as a refund, a lifetime warranty, or satisfaction with the product or service.

  1. Constantly Update Website Content 

Keeping your website’s information up to date aids in developing trust between you and your consumers. Customers are likely to depend on your website for helpful information on whichever industry you are in. Updating information also aids in the development of domain authority. Make sure that you are doing all possible to maintain your website material fresh and up to date. It benefits both your visitors and search engines.

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