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In this technological generation, the importance of having an online presence is as vital as having a brick-and-mortar establishment in the past.

For businessmen, as more people flock over to the virtual world, it makes sense to fish where the fishes are, right? However, attracting people to your business on the internet gets more complicated and competitive. There are plenty of factors to consider in order to successfully engage with a customer and make sales happen. From SEO(Search Engine Optimization) to content marketing, there is plenty of work for you yet.

That’s where Google’s webmaster tools come in handy.

Google and Google Webmaster Tools

Among all the SEO tools that are available on the internet, Google’s Webmaster Tools are the most useful and reliable. Google is the most significant search engine that is used today. It’s kind of a smart idea for you to be able to use the tools they are offering to improve your site.

Not only that, Google tools can always be used to gather data in order to improve your site with other web browsers as well. Recently, Google has been releasing updates of their tools that makes managing, monitoring and analyzing your website accessible.

One of these changes includes their new Google Search Console which they updated a few months ago. Google has invited webmasters to try the new console as they keep on updating it. Even so, the beta Google Search Console is still packed with new and useful features that can improve performance analysis of your site.

Accessing the New Google Search Console

Got to receive the message below:

google console message

And when you click “Open the new Search Console” it directs to this page: “Oops, you don’t have access to this property”

Don’t worry all you need to do is to log-in using:

Navigating Through the New Google Search Console


Opening the beta Google Search Console, you will be directed to an overview of your website’s performance for the last three months. By opening the report, you will be able to see the summary of the essential metrics that were used.

More Months of Data

By default, you will be able to see the data that you have received for the last three months. However, if you want more in-depth findings of your website’s performance, you can choose to change the filter. With Google’s beta Search Console, it can now feature 16 months worth of data.


Additional Filter Types

Other than extending the months where you can see more data from the previous year, Google also added more filters. By clicking on the “New” beside the durations, you can access more filters. You will be able to see which country engaged with your page the most, what platform is used, and more.

Comparison Made Easier

Comparing your progress just became easier. Not only that you get a lot more options on what to analyze your data on, you will also get to custom your own comparison. What’s more, you can even compare what platform your users are using more often.

Extensive Google Indexing Report

Indexing report has never been more in-depth than before. The report will show you how many index errors, valid, excluded and warnings that you have received.

Clicking on the page URLs that have some issues, you will be able to see how you can fix these problems by offering you a link to diagnostic tools in Learn More. If you want, you can also share your findings with your team when you want to fix it using the Share button.


In the new console, if you already resolved the issue, you can quickly request for Google to reindex it. By selecting Validate Fix, your request will be processed with a higher priority and your website is fixed faster than usual.

Index coverage functions the best when you submit sitemap files. Not only that this makes search engine find new and updated URLs more accessible, it can also enable you to use the sitemap filter. This lets you focus on an exact list of URLs which makes your job more efficient.

Search Enhancements

The new Google Search Console also has the Search Enhancement feature. Here, you will be able to enhance your AMP and your Jobs Postings page faster. Search Enhancement is equipped with two functions. One, it provides immediate notification when the site you wanted to fix failed. The second, you are notified of the status of the fixed errors as well as failed and pending fixes.

This section also provides a Job Postings Report. If your site has job listings, you may be qualified to have your listing featured directly through Google for Jobs.

Improve Your Site with Google’s New Search Console

The new Google Search Console, just like Google’s other webmaster tools, got more powerful and more useful with each update. With all the data that you will be collecting, you will be able to formulate a more comprehensive analysis of your website’s performance.

Anyone can monitor and check their own sites with the help of Google tools. However, in order to make the most out of those tools that will give you in-depth analysis of your website. Google provides these tools to help enhance your site’s performance. Whether you are a webmaster, business owner or SEO expert.

Through the new Google Search Console, analyze and study informative data to get your site to the top.

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