In just several more days, most people would be celebrating a much-anticipated event. Gifts would be opened, family dinners eaten, and a cheerful vibe would surround the world.

As the Holidays draw nearer, business owners also have their own reasons to celebrate. For one, shoppers – both in store and online – abound during this time. That means about 20 to 40 percent of annual profits would be made in the last two months of the year. So if your small business has been struggling during the beginning of 2016, fret not. If you play your cards right, you might be able to salvage your earnings before New Year’s Eve.

Here’s where creativity and resourcefulness come in handy. By now, you should be on the last leg of your Holiday marketing campaign. But if you need a last-minute boost to your sales or brand awareness, let videos help. A good Holiday video can bring miracles to your store.

Don’t worry: you don’t need to hire a pro or get an expensive camera for the job. Just take inspiration from these four video samples and you might just be saying Ho-ho-ho for the Holidays.


Holiday Video Idea #1: The Classic Countdown

If you like Google’s yearly Santa Tracker, it just proves how this simple idea can make a huge impact on brands. Countdowns are great for two reasons.

First, it creates anticipation. Nothing beats the giddiness of having to wait patiently for something exciting to happen. This tension is part of every successful event or campaign. Second, countdowns are multipurpose. You can create a Holiday video countdown this year, edit it a little, and use the same one on your next gathering.

holiday video

If you can’t be bothered with making one, a couple of generous YouTube users have created free countdown videos for your convenience. Just ask for their permission and you can use them to spice up your homepage OR that Holiday small business party you’re hosting.


Holiday Video Idea #2: Go for Quirky

Videos don’t need to be long nor cinematic to be effective. Make use of existing Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook social media accounts to bring your Holiday video to life. Just take a quirky short clip (about 30 seconds or less) and post. Take your cue from Coca-Cola Canada’s Instagram vid about sharing happiness at the mall.

holiday video

It’s a cool and unexpected way of showing off their product. It’s fun, fresh, and relatively short. You keep audience’s attention while making them smile.

Not sure what angle to shoot? Why not try a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in your store during the Holiday rush? Show off your customers’ happy faces as they line up at the cash register. Or how about pets enjoying online shopping at your e-store? Unexpected but cute.

When making a quirky Holiday video, just remember the KISS principle.


Holiday Video Idea #3: Make It Meaningful

The reason why many ads nowadays make appeals to emotion is because they’re so effective.

Social experiment videos for example, have a habit of going viral. From Dove’s ‘Choose Beautiful’ ads to WhirlPool’s ‘Every Day, Care’ campaign, these types of content can make viewers display a whole range of emotions. And if there’s one thing marketers know to be true, it’s that an appeal to hearts mean a boost in brand recall and awareness, or even sales.

holiday video

Just take a look at fashion retailer H&M and their latest YouTube ad. It’s hard to tell that it’s about their new Winter catalogue. With a heartwarming story, the brand made itself – and their products – come alive just in time for the Holidays.


Holiday Video Idea #4: Opt for Practical

Sometimes, being realistic and limiting the magic gets most people to make a purchase. This strategy works well for brands with practical merchandise such as clothes, shoes, accessories, tools, home gadgets, etc. Instead of packaging your goods in Holiday cheer and glitter, make customers see them for their everyday value.

holiday video

Retro backpacks and accessories manufacturer Herschel Supply Co., does a great job at this on their social media accounts. On Instagram for example, they showcase their products as one would use it in everyday casual scenarios. This makes it easy for the buyer to see themselves with the product.

This means creating short videos (that can play on loop in platforms like Instagram and Facebook) that highlight your merchandise in the best possible light when used as intended. You can ask people who already enjoy your product to post their own content. User-generated content is one of the best – and easiest – ways to generate buzz for your brand.


Praying for a Small Business Holiday Miracle?

A single Holiday video may be all that you need to boost those sales a little higher. Don’t worry: you still have 12 days to go. Not to mention that New Year’s is just around the corner, too.

Don’t worry too much about looking or editing like a pro. What matters most for video content are quality, relevance, and message. If you nailed these down, your Holiday miracle may just be a view away.

8 thoughts on “4 Ways To Use Video To Promote Your Small Local Business for the Holidays
  1. Alice Michelli

    Hi Al,

    Thanks for this handy list, it’s truly awesome to read this one and will going to follow your advice. Do you have some more video tips for 2017?

  2. It’s great to hear that you have shared this one since video usage is on the rise.

  3. Ivy

    Great ideas for marketing. Holiday marketing is one of the competitive way of marketing to make more customers. I agree that it is a good way to promote your brand while celebrating the season as well.

  4. Jeffrei

    Hey Al! Awesome tips right here. What do you think about adding Holiday DIY, how tos and tutorial as video marketing tools? Would you think these would also make some buzz this season?

    • Al Gomez

      Thanks Jeffrei. Yes, I agree those video styles you have mention can also make a buzz but one important thing to make sure that it will work is that, we must always consider the information that we are going to share plus don’t forget to promote or share this videos in social media sites. Happy Holidays!

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