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Your Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing on Facebook & Twitter


Today’s article is a guest post.

Social media marketing is an integral part of any modern marketing strategy. From a small local business to a massive global corporation, everyone uses Facebook and Twitter to get their message to the public.

With so many people and brands to follow on social media, it is difficult to gain any attention. It’s hard to stand out among billions of users and businesses. This is where social media marketing strategies are needed.

By using a strategic approach to your social media efforts, you can attract more followers, grow brand loyalty, and boost business.

Facebook and Twitter remain the most effective platforms for business marketing. So, use the following steps to maximize your potential with these two networks.

Use social media to your advantage, starting with Facebook and Twitter.

How to Use Facebook for Social Media Marketing?

Facebook is often used for community building. With Facebook Groups, you can easily get started. For example, you can create an interest group for your niche market.

Why should you consider using Facebook? There are over 1.65 billion monthly active users on Facebook. This makes it the largest social media network.

The average Facebook users spend 50 minutes per day on the site. The activity of so many people makes Facebook a great spot to market your business.

So, what should you share to attract new customers? Anything that you think your target audience will enjoy. You will want to avoid self-promotion as much as possible, especially early on.

Instead, you should share helpful or entertaining content. Think about your audience and the type of information they would enjoy reading. This could include DIY tips or how-to articles.

If you’re having trouble getting ideas, think about the type of content that you would share on your own Facebook page. What do you share with your friends and family? This is the type of content that you want to post.

5 Tips for Improving Your Facebook Social Media Marketing

In order to maximize your social media growth on Facebook, here are 5 tips that you can use in your overall strategy. Use these as part of your marketing plan to gain new followers and boost user engagement.

#1 – Tag People and Brands

When you discuss a popular figure or a brand in one of your posts, you should tag them. They will receive a notification that you tagged them and will then likely view your post. This is a simple tip that could lead to more user engagement.

#2 – Include Images in Your Posts

Posts that include images get 179% more interactions than text posts. If you want to get the attention of other Facebook users, you need to use images. Or, you can include video.

In recent years, the use of video marketing has increased. Videos receive 135% greater organic reach than photos. So, you should consider including videos in your marketing plan and include them in posts.

#3 – Use Facebook Ads

Facebooks advertisements provide a great return on investment. The pricing structure for Facebook ads is lower than many of your alternatives. With a minimal budget, you can reach thousands of Facebook users every day.

When you are first starting out, it can be difficult to grow your brand and to get people to follow you. Paid advertisements can help speed the process along. Use paid ads as a boost to your regular posting strategy.

#4 – Use Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights offers beneficial information about your target audience. You can find out how many people are interested in a particular topic. You can even find out what content receives the most interactions in a specific category.

#5 – Comment on Other Pages

Networking was the original purpose of social networking sites. It still has its use. You can comment on other pages. This is a good solution for attracting the attention of other businesses or industry leaders.

Put these tips together to start improving your efforts on Facebook. The main tip is to be active. You need to spend time seeing what people are interested in and commenting on what you find.

Another quick solution or if you can call this as a tip is to use any of the free or paid social media tools. There are umpteen tools available online that allow you to generate a free Facebook analytics report. Through these reports, you can spy on your competitors’, gain useful insights and then use these same strategies to beat your rivals at their own game.

#6 – Generate Content Using Twitter

Last but not the least, you can use Twitter to generate or aggregate content and display it on your website.

Ray Social Feeds For Twitter is one such plugin you can use to display multiple feeds from any Twitter handle. You can also generate feeds based on any hashtags or keywords. Of course, you can display your Twitter feed too.

This is bound to increase user interaction with your Twitter handle, potentially encouraging more shares and follow.

How to Use Twitter for Social Media Marketing?

Twitter is a useful resource for any business that wants to easily share content. The platform is designed for communication. It lets you connect with your audience.

There are over 310 million monthly active users on Twitter. Most of these users will recommend a brand to their friends or family after receiving quality service. So, you can use Twitter to help grow your business.

5 Tips for Improving Your Twitter Social Media Marketing

Many of the strategies that you will use can be carried over from Facebook. You will still want to share informative content. You can get a better idea of what to share by looking at your competition.

Along with these suggestions, here are 5 tips for better Twitter marketing:

#1 – Use Images in Your Tweets

When you add videos or images to your tweets, you will increase user engagement. If you’re posting content from your own site – set up a Twitter card. This will allow Twitter to include a featured image when you share a blog post on your site.

#2 – Engage Your Audience

Remember, Twitter is about engagement. Retweet and reply to people. Become more active. Don’t be afraid to comment on other people’s tweets.

#3 – Stand Out from Others

If you want to stand out, you need a little personality. Think about what makes you different from your competition and try to reflect this when you type your tweets. You just need to show a little bit of love to sort out social media problems.

#4 – Follow Influencers

You should also follow people with influence in your industry. If these people take note of your business, they may end up sharing your content. This can give you a quick boost of attention.

#5 – Remain Consistent

Finally, you will want to remain consistent with your plans. If you send multiple tweets per day, you will need to continue sending out multiple tweets each day. Stick to your plans and avoid long spans of time without posting.

You now have a series of tips that can help you gain more followers on Facebook and Twitter. You cannot expect to grow your business without the help of social media. Get started today. Begin posting more regularly and remember to check out your competition.


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