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As mentioned in the recent article, people usually go over the spike of hope to see if they have ever generated google traffic, increases the share and boost the online visibility of their blog. However, they tend to do this due to the reason that most of them are aiming for an instant gratification not in being able to turn blog visitors into subscribers.

Why Do Human Brains Are Addicted To Immediate Gratification?

Most of the people hate waiting. This is the reason why the spike of hope excites them even though there is no assurance that they will retain an increasing trend. Due to the desires of getting what they want instantly, they get to experience that fulfillment. Humans want to get an instant feedback, however, this one can be bad in some sense. Waiting is essential when dealing with growing your blog with the help of generating a traffic.

After publishing an article, the next thing you do is to share it with your target audiences through your social media accounts. You will gain views and the bar spike of hope starts to get higher. however, its size is determined by the quantity of your existing audience.

In this case, if you have already built a great online presence, you will probably get a higher chance of getting noticed. And, if you are just a newbie, the line might just remain a little flat line. Despite being a noob in this field, if you have a huge following online, you can use it as an advantage.

Most of the bloggers base their online presence and activity in the spike of hope. Due to the reason that watching the line go up can be quite appealing to them. Apparently, this is not what it should be. There is a reason why it has the word hope in it because it gives you hope not an assurance that you will maintain that kind of line graph all throughout.

Image source: Ahrefs’ Youtube Channel

Three parts of the spike of hope

Image source: Ahrefs’ Youtube Channel

First part: Your audience

Increasing your audiences requires more time to complete and instant gratification couldn’t be found in this one. You need to wait but you also need to work hard on that. Other than sending the link to your existing audience, you need to widen your audience reach.

Second part: Niche communities

Promote your articles on every social media that you have or sharing it on a community channel. Make sure that you need to have it posted in groups with bigger audiences that would find your content relevant to improve your traffic.

Third part: Word of mouth

Once your audience and the people in the niche communities shared your article, that’s how the word of mouth is possible. Your article starts to become their focus of conversation online wherein a lot of people are curious. When there is curiosity, there is a huge chance that those people would visit your blog.

Two Major Strategies to Grow Blog

Despite the fact that Viral traffic and SEO traffic couldn’t exist if one of them isn’t possible. Due to the reason that you can’t make your content viral if you won’t be able to use any SEO traffic for the audience to reach you.

Before differentiating the two major strategies, here are some of the things that you need to know about the two. Specifically about the strategies businessmen need to face in order to make all these traffic possible on their blogs, and in their business as well. Here are the important things you need to know about the two: Viral Traffic and SEO Traffic:

Viral traffic

  • Create content to be shared instantly by readers
  • Get support to help you promote your content
  • Reach more readers by updating articles regularly

SEO Traffic

  • Create a useful content for your readers
  • Building and increase your backlinks
  • Regular publishing is not needed

Going Viral?

In terms of growing your blog, it is good to stick with the Viral traffic. However, there is a problem with this one. if you are new in blogging, you might probably have a different idea on how to have a viral content.

You might think that once you tweet and your followers retweeted and the followers of your followers start to retweet it, and so on with the help of the snowball effect, your content starts to grow and generate better viral traffic. Sorry to break it to you but that’s not how it is. honestly, snowball effect doesn’t even exist.

How Getting Viral Rolls?

As stated on the things about getting viral traffic, get support to help you promote your content. You need to tap someone who has huge followers and online visibility to be able to gain more viral traffic. However, the problem with this one is there’s no assurance that you will be going to get more audiences. No matter how great she is as an influencer, if her followers don’t like your product, you won’t be getting anything in return despite the endless retweets she got.

Publishing too Often: Myth or Fact

With Viral traffic, you must publish an article daily or every week or month. In SEO traffic, you don’t need to do that. All you have to do is create a content with the specific keywords that will help the readers direct them to your business website. By the help of these keywords, you will be able to make your content rank high in Google.

No matter how much content you publish weekly if it doesn’t even contain any keywords, you are doing it wrong. This is because you didn’t even mind inserting any words that are used often by your target audience.

How to Find the Exact Keyword to Insert in the Article

Step #1: You can use Google as your search engine. Enter the topic that you like on the Google tab.

Step #2: Look for the top article.

Step #3: Copy the URL then paste it on Ahrefs to make it easier.

Step #4: With the use of Ahrefs, know the traffic they get and the kinds of keywords they use.

Now, that you finally know how to find the right keywords, what’s next? Being able to get tons of google traffic? The answer for that is NO.

Turn Visitors into Subscribers

No matter what strategy you are using. Whether it’s viral traffic, SEO traffic or even a mixture of the two tactics, the most vital thing you need to do is to be able to get the people love your website, other than just being merely a visitor.

Why Start Growing Your Email List? 

If the reader is not an email subscriber, there’s only a little chance that they may be able to go back to your website. However, there are still instances that even if they won’t be one of your subscribers, they can still be your regular readers but you couldn’t keep track of those silent readers.

Build and grow your audience

In order to be able to grow your audience, there are tactics you need to do. Listed below are the tricks you need to be aware, according to Ahrefs.

Technical tricks

  • Welcome mats
  • Pop-ups
  • Lead magnets
  • Hello bars
  • Slide-ins
  • Content upgrades

Psychological tricks

  • Personal stories
  • Social proof
  • Building rapport
  • Attractive Characters

Before you dig deeper with how will you be able to know the tactics and strategies on how to convert your visitors into subscribers, you need to know how to grow your blog first. It should not be about how you can make the spike of hope bigger but to be able to raise the flat line of nope. Through this, you may be able to turn blog visitors into subscribers successfully.

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