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What’s the hardest thing about working in a digital industry?

The constant changes. Unlike other sectors, those who work online are subject to unexpected updates – at anytime. And if you’re not quick enough to adapt, your business could be at risk. It’s not just Google that digital marketing experts need to worry about, but also the latest gadget innovations. After all, these smart devices were meant to harness the power of the Web.

In order for us to remain competitive in our field, the best way to close 2014 is to review our present strategies. See which ones still work and which don’t. This way, we can begin 2015 with new hope (and preferably, new clients).

But which strategies should we watch out for?


#1: Relying ONLY on Keywords

Keywords are important. They give us a view of what users search for. However, relying solely on them is a huge mistake – and it will become more so in the following years ahead. Search engines like Google are evolving; making their algorithms more complex and able to detect ‘fake’ content. You’ve probably heard that ‘content is king’. That’s because it is: users (and search engines) value content that’s unique, fresh, media-rich, and research-driven.


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Don’t do away with keywords just yet, but use it as a GUIDE. Google has been implementing semantic search for sometime now; which means it values similar terms that gives deeper meaning to content. Instead of trying to beat Google, use it to your advantage. It has already provided digital marketers with most of what they need to create awesome content. What matters is the QUALITY of presentation.

#2: Mass Email Marketing

Why chase after potential leads when they could come to you? Yes, this is possible. Also known as inbound marketing, it’s the latest trend in the industry and is responsible for more leads from marketing agencies. The only catch is that, your content has to stand out from all the noise on the Web (this brings us back to tip #1). Although email marketing may have worked – and in some cases, they still do – people in general HATE spam. No matter how clear and concise that email is, if it’s unsolicited, it’s straight to junk mail.

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If you haven’t thought about inbound marketing for your business, today is a great time to start. Assemble a small team of digital experts to handle your campaign. They should be skilled at social media, all types of content, as well as available tools. It’s undeniable that the marketing landscape has changed, even the consumers. We can no longer ‘buy’ nor ‘rent’ links – we need to EARN it. And inbound marketing is the best solution to a modern day dilemma.

#3: Creating a Separate Marketing Department

There really is no need to do this nowadays. As mentioned above, if you can get a handful of experts service who can produce results, they will be enough. As the online landscape is so dynamic, a small team of specialists shall give you more leverage than any huge department could. Plus, it will save you time (for training) and resources.

With a new year coming, we can expect more changes in the realm of digital marketing. Some even speculate that Google will be rolling out updates while everyone is enjoying the Holidays! But don’t fret. If you’ve taken the time to sort out your strategies before the long vacation, you and your team will be prepped for whatever comes your way in 2015.

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