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Tools To Catapult Content Marketing Campaign For 2017

Content marketing is more important than ever. Now that the competition is getting tougher and tougher, content marketing needs more than just an interesting content. You need to boost up your content marketing so you can get a step ahead of the competition.

Here are some effective content marketing tools you can leverage for your content marketing campaign and help you increase your traffic.

See What’s Hot With BuzzSumo

We’ve been using Buzzsumo for a couple of years already. And it sure did what it was expected to do.  Buzzsumo works great in content profiling. Using Buzzsumo, content writers can get help in content idea creation. Through keyword-based search or domain-based search, Buzzsumo can actually help you create content ideas that target audience at a certain niche will be interested in.


With Buzzsumo, you can see the total number of shares per network and you can also view backlinks. Over time, you will be able to build and create a strategic content profile that works best for your clients and which can effectively tap into their target audience.

Create Viral Content With Almighty.Press

Almighty.Press is another way of content discovery where you can have access to trending topics from different media and create contents before the topic gets saturated.

Almighty.Press has its own algorithm to track trending content. Thus, giving you a chance to create viral contents ahead and before your competitors do.

The Good Old Grammarly

Your content’s readability plays a crucial role in how users respond to your content. No matter how good you are as a writer, you need Grammarly to help you spot grammatical, typographical or content structure errors and suggestion which you missed in a manual content review.


You can use Grammarly app, browser extension or website to check your content. Download it for free or upgrade to premium for more advanced fixes.

Visually-Appealing Content With Animoto

A good content needs good visuals to stand out and increase leads. With Animoto, you can create visually appealing videos to go with your content. You don’t need advanced skills in photo and video editing.


Animoto also has a collection of songs you can add to complement your videos. If you want to try Animoto, you can sign up for a trial version before getting a subscription.

Streamline Promotion With Buffer

Your content marketing campaign will never be complete without content promotion. One of the effective media for content promotion is through social media.


Buffer is a simple and easy to navigate social media tool which can help you streamline your content promotion. Simply create an account and from there you can enjoy multiple content marketing activities. From adding your preferred social media channels to scheduling of posts and content analysis, Buffer will allow you to navigate through different processes involved in social media content marketing.

Buffer also has a mobile app or browser extension so you can still manage your content while on the go.

Linkedin Marketing With Oktopost

Oktopost is another social media tool, specifically designed for B2B marketers. Much like other social media tools, Oktopost allows you to schedule and share content to different social media platforms. However, unlike other social media tools, Oktopost has a more detailed analytics for content shared in LinkedIn Groups.


Credit: GetApp; a content marketing software review site

If you are more focus in tapping into Linkedin audience, Oktopost allows you to share contents in groups using different profiles.  Oktopost also allows you to measure performance of your content shared on different platforms including clicks, comments and conversions.

Quuu As Content-Promotion Platform

Quuu is a tool that gives you hand curated content suggestions. It allows you to cross promote content to Buffer. Through Quuu, you can select content categories relevant to your niche and your audience. Quuu with then automatically (or you manually select) send curated content to your account in Buffer.


With Buffer not being able to suggest content to you, Quuu will help create a curated content and share it through your Buffer account.

Outbrain For Better Content Discovery

Outbrain is a paid content discovery that promotes your content to highly authoritative content platforms relevant to your niche. Through Outbrain, you can promote your content to readers from authoritative sites which might be looking for something else to read.


Outbrain allows you to run content discovery ads according to your budget. With Outbrain, you can run ads within your budget and payments is according to impressions or clicks.

Last Words

There are countless of apps and tools claiming they can successfully marketing your content to the right audience. But not all of them can actually do the job right. Not all tools are designed for your business. So you have to be aware of your needs to choose the right tool to market your business.

Listen to experts who can give your useful insights on building your brand. They can help you in creating and marketing content that can bring in significant ROI.

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