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If you think online product reviews are not popular, think again.

84% of consumers trust reviews uploaded online. This is as much as how they trust their personal connections. That is according to the Local Consumer Review Survey 2017.

After reading between 1-6 online reviews, 68% of online audiences form opinions.

Social media has a big role in consumer choice. To measure effective online product reviews, sales should increase.

This is the reason why a lot of businessmen collaborate with content creators. They found that online reviews build consumer trust.

Here are some tips to help you achieve a successful product review video:

1. Review products that are trust-worthy.

If you already have your channel, partner with reputable brands. These are the brands that your viewers have helpful experiences with.

Your viewers will need updates on the latest products offered by this brand.

There are existing product-reviews that have been receiving negative feedback. If you pursue the review, your viewers will need to know what motivates you.

Your reviews should gear toward the needs of your viewers. You also need to research the product. This will help you gain trust from your viewers. There are a lot of online product reviews, not only yours. It is important that you establish a reliable substance in your reviews.

2. If the product is sponsored, tell your viewers.

You are not reviewing to receive freebies. Your viewers will trust you more if you tell them that what you are reviewing is free.

An honest review is a disclosure of your advantages, too.

The review will also help the company that compensates you. The feedback from your viewers is recommendations. As target audience, they have a big role on the product development.

Lying will definitely lose you, viewers.

3. Learn about your products.

Famous vlogger and product reviewer, Casey Neistat compares two products of the camera lens.

Once you collaborate with the company, make sure that you study their products. It is always important to talk with substance. Be a reliable and credible reviewer. Remember these:

  • Prepare before you review. Research on the site of the product.
  • Your viewers spend the time to listen to your reviews. Value each viewer because they add to your view-count.
  • You have to know what you are saying. Once you have already researched the product, you can answer questions anytime.

4. Launch a 5-Star Rating.

Observe the simple 5-star rating system with CSS and HTML radios on your page. This will enable your reviews to stand out.

5. Be good at technicals.

A good editing skill welcomes more viewers. Some of the new content creators attract viewers because of their clean edits. A video review without cuts bores the viewers.

Make an intro. Even a background music will do. You have to keep your viewers listening to what you are reviewing.

Also, invest in your equipment. A good camera quality will sustain the viewers all throughout the video.

6. Exceed the basic 3-minute video length.

If you are explaining the product well, you will exceed the basic 3-minute length. But it is also important to keep the video short and straight to the point.

The length will also depend on the product’s qualities. You are responsible for identifying which part of the product you will be reviewing. Or you may want to review it in general.

Make sure you keep your review interesting. It is okay to inject comedy but do not put facts at stake.

7. Enhance your SEO.

Plan online marketing campaigns. Let people know that you are good at your reviews, make them land on your page.

Also, redirect your viewers to your review videos. One video that goes their way means that it will be easier for people to access your page.

8. Do not read your script.

If you review with a script, keep it lowkey. It is draining to listen to a speaker that reads his/her script.

Try these steps:

  • Research on the product.
  • List all possible keywords.
  • Make an outline.
  • Practice saying the facts.
  • Speak naturally.

Your viewers will keep listening if your speaking naturally. It shows that you are confident about what you are saying.

What is the future of product video reviews?

Google is the most powerful influencer on the digital platform. It provides 3.7 billion searches per day. As the most accessible media, Google influences purchasing decisions, every day.

The 84% of consumers that trust online reviews lead to a massive effect on businesses. This means that people who review products online gain trust from strangers. A proof that Google can connect people even if they do not know each other.

Hence, the future of product video reviews may boost over time, double the views and trusts it gain today.

So what now?

Product review videos fall into content creation. You may take advantage of it. Continue to orient yourself with the products, especially innovations coming in the market.

Remember that there will be few viewers if you keep reviewing the same product.

There is an exception if the product has further developments.

Secure your collaboration with the company that offers a variety of products. If feedback is negative, let the company know that you are helping them improve. This will also enable you to gain trusts from your viewers.

If the product is not working on you, do not be too hard on your content. Tell your viewers that the company is trying their best to bring you the best product on the market.

A successful product review video?

A successful product review video is building reliability. It also means that you are genuine with your content.

The important thing is you are doing your research and you have your basis.

Do not promote the product if the quality is not good. Tell your viewers that your review is to help them and that you are not after the sponsorship from well-known companies.

If there is an increase in sales of these products, that is when you tell your video review is successful. An increase in your viewers and subscribers is a plus too.


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