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The Holidays is just around the corner!

In fact, some folks are shopping early, and many are already done with their wish lists. As the months grow colder, competition on social media to win more customers is just heating up. By now, businesses should have established strategies on how to win more customers to their stores.

But in case you need more social media tips, here are a few for the most popular platforms of the season:


Social Media Tips: Winter on Twitter

No Holiday campaign would be complete without including the big blue bird of social media. One of the best content to share would be GIFs that showcase your product or service in a fun, delightful way. Plus points, if they’re interactive (i.e. users can interact with the media on their device).

Fast food giant McDonald’s certainly has won this round with their Tweet about their made-to-order limited time only Peppermint Hot Chocolate beverage.

The content features a typical Holiday winter scene, which is highly relatable. This is meant to elicit feelings of longing for such Holiday moments. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a hot cup of delicious peppermint chocolate drink under the soft, falling snow?

As videos are a huge hit these days, using one in your Tweets is not a bad idea. Don’t have time to make one? No worries. Use video content from your customers. User-generated content not only saves you time, it also shows that you’re an avid listener on social media.

Multinational information technology company, Hewlett-Packard (HP), used this strategy with photographer, food stylist and blogger Marta Greber.

The short video featured a creative way to add a personalized touch to a collection of recipes. Not only did HP gain visibility online, they also looked positive in the eyes of consumers for incorporating someone else’s content in their posts. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone for the Holidays.


Social Media Tips: Falalalala Facebook

You wouldn’t want to launch a social media Holiday campaign without including Facebook. As this platform’s more crowded than usual come the jolly season, it’s important to try other tactics than the usual publish-and-leave strategy. Whether or not you’re currently using Facebook ads, remarketing can be good solution to grab extra revenue for your business.

Facebook remarketing involves targeting audiences who have already visited your online store. A tracking pixel is added into your website, so that users can be reminded of your brand for a specific number of days. This is great for small, local businesses that are still new to their industries.


Remarketing is godsend among the many social media tips because it attracts buyers who already love your brand, or those who have made initial purchases. Plus, you can use the same method to attract the same Holiday shoppers next season. According to an eCommerce report by RJMetrics, businesses acquire 23.8 percent of new customers around this time. This makes it the perfect opportunity to employ remarketing.


Social Media Tips: Instagram with the Fam

Capture online audiences with highlights from your Holiday goods or services. Instagram is the best place to show off beautiful pictures and videos, showcasing the best of your enterprise. It’s also a great platform to give behind-the-scenes glimpses from your store or warehouse, where the magic happens.


Coffee chain Starbucks is a good example of putting Instagram to good use. Aside from amazing shots of their coffee in various Holiday or winter themes, they also post pictures of their baristas in action.


Social Media Tips: Pinterest Dearest

Instagram is not the only platform for making waves on the Web with visuals. With more than 150 million monthly active users, Pinterest is certainly not to be missed.

If you haven’t tried this addictive discovery tool yet, think of it as a social media cork board. Users ‘pin’ anything they like – from recipes, crafts, places, to fashion pieces – as a sort of reminder. It’s a neat way to a) show off projects and interests; at the same time, it also b) lets you curate the best ideas from the Web under different categories.

Social Media Tips

Beverage company Coca-Cola does a great job with their Holiday board on Pinterest. They’ve put together the best and most beautiful ideas online using their most famous product, the Coca-Cola soft drink. From cute crafts to tasty recipes, their Board certainly looks like a hit with over 12,000 Followers.


Ready To Put These Media Tips To Good Use?

Holidays are one of the most stressful times during the year. Don’t burden yourself too much by using strategies that are meant to work twice as hard for you. With these social media tips crafted specifically for the Web’s most popular platforms, you’re sure to get the most out of your time and energy.

But don’t forget other aspects of your digital marketing campaign too, such as your website. Make sure it’s in tiptop shape and working as intended across various devices. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask an expert.

So, are you ready to spread Holiday cheer across the Web?

4 thoughts on “Deck the Web: Ingenious Social Media Tips for the Holidays!
  1. Mitch Crainer

    Indeed, these tips are very practical to use in this season. Well, with the emergence of social media platforms, business and marketing approaches are forever changed. It is unlikely for someone who is old enough not to have social media accounts. Having said this, targeting people active in the online communities will really boost the operation of businesses!

  2. Ivy

    Sorry, but I don’t think holidays are one of the most stressful times during the year. I absolutely loved it. Anyway, thanks for these rocking techniques, I’ll be sure to use these on holidays. I have been trying to learn and improve and have found your article useful along with e-commerce tips for the holidays. I am learning from experienced people like you. Hopefully I will get there.

    • Al Gomez

      Hi Ivy. Thanks for dropping by. I got your point but for us in the digital marketing especially in social media, there are lots of deadlines but just like you I can consider it not as stressful time but a point where everyone of us is challenge on how to cope up the demands of the market.
      And for “Hopefully I will get there.” I see that you are in the right track, keep it up!

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