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How To Be Social Media Smart In 2017

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How To Be Social Media Smart In 2017


We can’t really pull off a successful digital marketing campaign without mentioning social media.

Although there will be changes, expect some things to remain the same. For example: audience engagement is still crucial if you want to win in the social media game. Excellent customer service is another factor that won’t go away.

This year, expect upgrades to the usual online techniques. Here’s how you can be smart and use these platforms to boost your business in 2017:



1) Think Of Messaging As A New Medium

Social media is no doubt a game-changer in the customer-care. There are several studies that prove just how much social media has changed the landscape of customer care. However, this shift is to be expected, as consumers are already spending a huge chunk of their time on these networking platforms.

In fact, research from JD Power found that 67 percent of consumers go to sites like Twitter and Facebook for customer care. Meanwhile, Nielsen reported that 33 percent prefer to contact brands on social media rather than other channels, like 1-800 numbers.

This is why you need to take advantage of social media messaging like Facebook Messenger to engage with your customers in a more personalized manner.

But more than just a tool for customer care, messaging apps are now evolving as a separate unit when it comes to business marketing.

Recently, Facebook has gone into a series of beta testing to try out the new Messenger display ads. Expect that Facebook will slowly roll out this new Messenger ad service. With this new service, you can direct users to your website or much more, you can use a “Click to Message” feature. This encourages users to message your business which allows you to send them messages in the future.

There are also rumors that Messenger will also add a new in-store purchasing method where the app could be a new payment tool for online and in-store shopping. If this is true, don’t be surprised to see other chat and messaging apps to follow through.

2) Paid Content & Live Videos

Content marketing will be growing stronger in 2017 and beyond. So don’t stop producing high-quality, engaging content, especially images and video. Along with this strategy, you can also leverage paid content to expand distribution.

While it’s good to aim for organic traffic via organic means (i.e. Shares, retweets, Likes), there’s nothing wrong with casting the net further to reach more audiences. Unlike before, paid content nowadays is more customized to the platforms where they are being advertised, and targeted towards user preferences.

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Think of paid services as an ally when it comes to faster, smarter content marketing. This is best used by small local businesses or startups, for when they have new products, ideas, or announcements. This technique is also great for seasonal campaigns.

On the other hand, live videos are also paving its way towards the marketing landscape. A 2016 statistics revealed that people spend 3x longer watching live videos than in native videos.

Through live videos, businesses can create a closer 1-on-1 interaction with consumers. You can give life to various business aspects like events, product or service promotions and demos. You can take your audience to a more interactive experience by sharing events live, answering questions live and giving them an inside look at your business.

How you deliver your content to your audiences is a large factor that could determine the response of consumers towards your brand. Don’t be static. Don’t just rely on the usual marketing strategies. You need to play with different ways to deliver your content.

3) Ditch The Vanity Metrics

Seeing a huge spike in likes, comments and social traffic may make you feel good but does it exactly cause a huge impact to your business? It’s time to focus on in-depth analytics to see how your social media marketing works.

With Facebook and Twitter offering a more comprehensive analytics and business tools, it won’t be long before other social networking sites will follow their footprints. Once they do, you, as a marketer, have the power to access in-depth analytics to help your business grow. So take advantage of it. Gather powerful marketing insights which are actionable and hava greater impacts on your business in the near future.

4) Never Stop Experimenting

Social media is dynamic. Expect updates and new features to be launched at least once a year. This is so they can continue to provide excellent service and make every experience on their platform the best ever for their users.

Instead of fearing or shunning these social media upgrades, why not take advantage of them? As long as it’s relevant to your brand and your business’ vision, find out how you can leverage new social media features to better engage with customers.

For example: Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps today, with more than 600 million users – and counting. One of their best features, Stories, has well over 150 million daily users and is used by small and large brands alike. With this paid option, marketers would be able to promote beautiful full-screen ads to their target market.

If you have a favorite social media platform, explore its every nook and cranny. Find out what’s new and how you – and your customers – can benefit from it. Embrace these changes. Tailor your social media strategy based on customer feedback and/or suggestions.

5) Don’t Forget Active Interaction

Customer engagement is the golden rule of any smart social media strategy. If users are NOT interacting with your content or posts, you might be doing something wrong.

Every platform today has its own analytics so you can see the numbers tell all. Analyze the patterns and think about how you can improve. Check your response rate. How long does it take for you to respond to customer questions/complaints/comments? The more responsive you are, the higher your engagement. Plus, this helps to build your reputation and authority in your field.


Wrapping It Up

About 81 percent of small and medium-sized businesses are now leveraging social media for sales and growth. Don’t get left behind. Aside from being seen on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s more important to understand how to utilize their features efficiently to better serve your customers.

Ask yourself: is my social media strategy providing value? If not, pause and customize. If yes, find more ways to improve your methods. It’s 2017, after all. This year, be smart when it comes to using social media for your business.

Note: This content was originally published in January 2017 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.