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As human beings are social creatures, it’s natural to want to connect with one another. Hence, social media was born. But now that the world is smaller (and we know everybody’s business), what was originally designed to keep us together is actually causing us problems. And it’s not just average individuals who have issues. Whether you’re a blogger or a CEO, social media can make AND break you. So how do you deal?

Look past social media and into the people behind the screens.

Think about your own relationships and how you’ve successfully conquered problems together. Let that be your guide to handling social media dilemmas.

Social Media Problem #1: No Shares, Retweets, or Re-pins

If you’re not getting the engagement you seek, ask yourself this one simple question:

‘Will other people care to share your post?’

Folks always long for something fresh, witty, beautiful, unbelievable, helpful, and inspiring. Something they can relate to or learn from. If your loved one tells you a funny joke for example, aren’t you more inclined to tell it someone else? The same principle applies on social media. You don’t even have to guess. Just tune in to your target platform and browse around. It wouldn’t take you 2 minutes to note what kind of subjects everyone is talking about. Fill in the missing pieces, enhance the content, and be prepared to share.

‘Wear YOUR heart on your sleeve. Make your online viewers laugh, cry, mad (in a good way), snicker, sob, angry, and motivated.’


Social Media Problem #2: Over-Promotion

Also known as ‘narcissism’, this can easily be spotted by those individuals or companies who only like to post stuff about themselves. From their expensive new apartment in Manhattan, an international meeting in Vienna, to that cruise in the Caribbean – sometimes you wonder if they’re even interested in other people. Sure, they look so happy and successful; but let’s face it: you’re not that interested in them because they hardly showed any interest in YOU.

A little greed is fine – but remember to share the glory (hence, the Share button on Facebook). Re-Tweet witty quotes, comment on a well-written article on LinkedIn, and thank your new followers.

It’s no fun being in a one-sided relationship. So don’t make it all about YOU on social media either.

Social Media Problem #3: Lukewarm Results

Every relationship goes through a plateau, when everything feels routine, boring, and well…dull. That’s actually normal. The same is true for you and your social media network. However, if things have been this way for quite a while (a few months is TOO LONG on the Web), then maybe there really is an issue. For instance: if you’re not getting any new fans on your Facebook page or your Twitter followers seem unaware of your existence, then it’s time to take action.


One reason for stagnant results is lack of variety.

What’s great online is that it’s a fun medium for experimentation – and you get the outcome right away! Think of all the available free online tools at your disposal (Moz, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, Buzz Sumo, etc.). Get your team together, brainstorm new strategies, and execute. Then measure results. Was there a difference? Is it positive or negative?


‘The only thing constant in life, love – and social media – is change. So keep changing for the better.’

Social Media Problem #4: Negativity

This must be one of the hardest problems to resolve. For one, because once the fire has started it’s difficult to put it out. Plus, people will always remember. Like relationships, social media can be tricky waters to navigate. In such cases, think before you Tweet, post, Share, comment, Pin, or tag. Learn from last year’s corporate fails. Saw a great hashtag campaign on Twitter? Do a little snooping as to its origins. For all you know, it could be a serious campaign on drug abuse or domestic violence.

Be absolutely certain of something before getting your business involved. How related is it to your online message? Does it reflect your goals and mission? How will YOUR fans or followers think of you afterward? Don’t forget: things will be tough to control once the damage is done.


When it comes to hateful or negative responses on the other hand, deal with them in a civilized manner. Make your answers short, cordial, and professional. NEVER resort to personal attacks. Unless the person, fan, or follower is threatening a lawsuit, use negotiation tactics to try and remedy the situation. For spammers and trolls, your best bet is to ignore them. Don’t feed their ego – just go.

Social Media Problem #5: Getting With the In-Crowd

Have you ever dated (or asked out) someone you considered as ‘out of your league’? It could be due to looks, status, career, or other factors; but for sometime, you thought you didn’t have a chance for them to notice you. This is known as the ‘Cinderella complex’ (no, you don’t have to be a woman to experience this) and it’s quite common in social media. Particularly in the B2B sector.

It can feel daunting to mention an industry Influencer (someone who has convincing power over the public) in a Tweet or post – but if you have good reason to (such as, to give credit), then it’s a perfectly neat strategy. Getting in touch with the big guys on social media shows you’re confident AND you know how online networking works. This increases your chances of 1) getting more engagement like reTweets, Shares, and Likes; 2) being fanned or followed by Influencers; and 3) increasing your traffic.

‘No one is really ‘out of your league’. Often, all it takes is a ‘hello’ to get the ball rolling.’


So don’t be afraid to use social media to widen your horizons!

Every relationship – be it on social media or in real life – requires plenty of work. But that’s what makes them worth it. There are good times, and there are bad times. But what matters at the end of the day is learning to get through all of it in one piece.


If you’re struggling with a social media dilemma, ask expert services for help.

Remember: there’s nothing that a little love can’t fix.

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