12 SEO Tools that Expert Marketers Recommend in 2019 (Guest Post)

12 SEO Tools that Expert Marketers Recommend in 2019 (Guest Post)

12 SEO Tools that Expert Marketers Recommend in 2019 (Guest Post)

Carrying out the SEO practices for your business can be excruciatingly difficult. It’s even more complex when your business is trying to carve a niche for itself. And that’s why you need to know important SEO tools that expert marketers recommend in 2019.

Given that we are living in an era of rampant innovations, there is no shortage of resources for conducting SEO practices. In fact, you can find hundreds of free online tools and applications that can help you achieve your SEO goals. You can use the tools to enhance your website’s ranking.

SEO Tools that Expert Marketers Recommend in 2019

To make things all the more convenient for you, we have cherry-picked some of the most brilliant tools that marketers vouch for.


When it comes to the best SEO practices, it is vital to know how well your SEO practices are working. If it is not impactful, you need to put in more efforts. In case it is working well, then you can continue with the practices.

SEOptimer will assist you to gain a better idea about your website’s SEO.

  • It’ll highlight the on page metrics, like keyword usage and user experience (eg.: speed and mobile responsiveness).
  • It’ll also reveal the off page metrics, like your backlink profile and Domain Authority.

When it finishes the audit, SEOptimer will provide your website with a grade and offer recommendations.


Moz Pro

Moz Pro presents a package of various programs. It’s created to help you proceed with a data-driven strategy as part of your SEO process. It lets you explore the long-tail key phrases and provides a quick overview. The information you gather from here will be helpful in terms of the usage of keywords. It will also help keep tabs on what your opponents are doing.

Some of the notable features that you can enjoy are-

  • Check on your competitors and find out the keywords they’re targeting.
  • Receive valuable tips on related search terms.
  • Check the competitiveness of a specific keyword and find out more about the research volume.
  • You can also install a Chrome extension to check other domains without going to the actual site.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console comes with an assortment of services that will be helpful in determining how your website is viewed by the search engine. This service offers you a huge array of advanced tools which covers diverse areas of SEO.

The list of features the service presents makes it a must-have if you’re particularly concerned with your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings.

Google Search Console is pretty simple to decipher. It’s also convenient to add your website and get launched. That makes it the best choice for SEO processes.



One of the greatest advantages of using this resource is that it helps you to find long-tail keywords that have a comparatively lower level of competition.

KWFinder is an amazing tool when it comes to finding the best keywords and checking the analysis reports on backlinks and SERP.

The Rank Tracker feature detects the ranking of your website and also monitors the improvements depending on the key metric.

It also recommends different keywords, which you can use to boost the rank of your website.


If you have just started out with the process of optimizing your website, then SpyFu can be your go-to resource.

“The tool allows you to easily view the number of times a particular keyword is searched each month. The competitor’s keywords and ranking analysis can be carried out easily using SpyFu,” quips Martin Bomer, a marketing assignment help consultant by profession and a frequent user of this tool.

Users get to learn more about the number of clicks, ads created on Google Adwords, etc. on a single platform. No wonder it is touted as one of the most detailed SEO tools in the market for analyzing and reporting.

With this tool, you can find the keywords your competitors are investing in and what is their organic search standing. You can review their active keywords which offer you some insights on developing your own SEO strategy.


SEO Spider by Screaming Frog

Designed specifically to meet your SEO needs, this tool crawls the websites you specify.  It also analyses the URLs for frequent issues related to SEO.

With the assistance of this resource, you can check which pages are returning 404 errors. You can list out all the H1 and title tags, get a complete word count and all the vital analytics data in one place.

With SEO Spider by Screaming Frog, it’s really simple to extract some form of data out of the website pages.

The tool works exceptionally well in terms of carrying out a quick audit. The resource provides you with actionable insights that are useful to make your website functional.


SEM Rush

SEM Rush has carved a niche in the past couple of years. The best part of this resource is that it takes competitor research to a whole new level.

This resource also comes with more than 20 ways to determine the level of competition. It’s popularly known among the marketers as “stealth tactics.”

You can find the best backlinks, best keywords, best content of the competitors and much more. It’s even great for PPC and paid traffic.



The comprehensive site analysis offered by this tool helps entrepreneurs explore opportunities for optimization and improvement. The analysis involves checking the performance of SEO initiatives, usability, and even more.

Each report is categorized into eight segments.

  • Marketing Checklist
  • SEO
  • Mobile
  • Usability
  • Social
  • Traffic

Additionally, Woorank makes it effortless for users to obtain their testimonials. This makes company-wide distribution more compact than ever.



Linkody is all about backlinks. This resource lets you gather insights about who is linking to your website. In fact, it also allows you to know what keywords they’re using and rejects the hyperlinks you don’t like.

Some of the distinguished features of this resource include-

  • Dismiss bad links which might affect your SEO.
  • Analyze your website’s backlinks.
  • Link to Google Analytics to receive access to more data.
  • Create backlink accounts for your clients.
  • Check your website’s social stocks.


Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Google AdWords Keyword Planner is the most comprehensive keyword research tools that you can consider. Using this resource, you can find keywords and receive site or page traffic estimates. Moreover, it can assist you to determine how competitive keywords are (depending on their own AdWords cost).

The following are some features that you can enjoy by using this tool.

  • Identify a keyword’s validity from the own CPC.
  • Check the search quantity for any keyword you desire.
  • Get comprehensive reports for specific keywords.


Varvy SEO Tool

This resource might be considered as just another ‘input a URL and receive a report’ kind. As a matter of fact, it does much more than just that. It helps in determining whether your website is abiding by all of Google’s SEO guidelines. It also presents a full report of its analysis.

If you’re relatively new to the concepts of SEO, you’ll probably welcome all the information Varvy SEO Tool instrument has to offer you. It provides links to further reading for each setting, in the event that you wish to learn more.


Authority Labs

Authority Labs is a SERP monitoring and a rank tracking tool. It presents you with the ability to track the results by city, country, and postal code.

The tool provides you with the rank positions of your keywords and their search volume.

Authority Labs also provide you with the ability to monitor your competitors’ search rankings. This has its fair share of benefits. Knowing your competitor’s highest rankings and most effective keywords will motivate you to compete with them for a top spot on page 1 of the SERPs.

Other great features include mobile rank tracking, monthly and weekly reports, and so on.


Wrapping it up,

Just in case you have not realized that SEO is a big part of your business processes, it is high time for you to speed up to the process.

SEO is the single most effective method of generating organic traffic, leads, and consumers. These SEO tools that expert marketers recommend in 2019 can help. Let your business scale new heights with these amazing resources.

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