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SEO for real estate has long been there to provide realtors or real estate agents with a way to leverage websites as a medium to attract consumers. This is not new to the industry since about 90% of real-estates firm already have a website.

However, not everyone knows how to utilize websites for this purpose. Most of them are not aware that having a website alone is not enough to attract the online audience. Or perhaps, they have neglected the fact that a site needs to be optimized before they can make it useful.

If you are one of those real estate agents, then perhaps it’s about time to rethink your online marketing efforts. The real estate industry has come a long way and now getting enough traffic to your website, would require you extend your marketing efforts beyond just creating a website.

Real Estate For 2018

Gone are the days where people would rely on friends and relatives to find information about properties. We have long passed the point where we would rely on newspaper ads to find new homes or properties. In a 2017 study by the National Association of Realtors, it was revealed that a whopping 95% of home search use a website as a source.

Aside from that, the same study also revealed that about half of consumers looked online as their first step in buying a property.

This is a strong indication that websites are crucial to reaching out to potential customers. This is one of the main reasons why you cannot just stop optimizing your website.

A well-optimized website has a higher chance of landing on the top spot on SERP which means more traffic. And more traffic means more lead and could eventually result in positive revenue.

If you are having problems in optimizing your real estate websites, here are some SEO techniques you can follow.

Your Local Keyword/Phrases Matters

In real estate SEO, keyword matters a lot. If you want to direct targeted people to your website, you must optimize highly competitive keyword for the site.

Basically, local keywords are the keywords that include a location in the search terms. For example; “(City Name) Real Estate” or “(City Name) Real Estate Agents”.

Moreover, you can use keyword planner to determine highly competitive keywords. There are also third-party tools you can use for your keyword research.

Keyword research is still the most efficient way to identify highly competitive keywords. Conducting keyword research will help you understand how potential clients will find you in search.

Be Mobile-Ready

People have been shifting from desktop to mobile.  The same study from NAR also reported that 72% of home search happens in mobile/tablet website or app and 58% of buyers found home on mobile.

This means that if you want to increase your mobile traffic in SERP you need to get your website mobile-ready. Make your site responsive, optimize your website to increase page speed and make sure your content is also mobile-ready.

When building your website, you have to think about your mobile users. Always remember that consumer’s behavior change. This is due to the limited screen space in mobile. So if you want to cater the growing a number of mobile users, you need to prepare your website for mobile.

Get Blogging And Get Creative With Content

Consumers do not want salesy pitches.  They hate it. The best way you can encourage your customers to deal with you is through useful information.

Having a blog on your website will help you provide your website visitors with more value. Regularly post useful and relevant content on your blog. This will help you connect with your visitors without giving them sales pitches.

Likewise, blog ideas that are relevant to your location will also give your website a boost on local SERP. Try topics like “unique buying a home in (city name)”. This way, you also provide emphasis on a target market which may increase your chance of conversion.

Also, great content can go a long way. If you happen to publish a blog post that is perfect for your current market, you can use this content to its full potential.

So can repurpose contents and post it on social media. There are clients you may have missed with your blog post and social media is a great way to connect with them.

In addition, photos, virtual tours and interactive maps can also help you gain more traffic towards your website.

Never Forget The Basics

Google My Business, local citation and reviews. These are basics in SEO which could help you grow your online presence.

These three basic elements are still crucial to get your business listed on the local 3-pack. So make sure that your business is listed on Google My Business. Encourage your previous to leave a review on sites like Yelp. And build your profiles in local citation sites, especially citations sites with your niche; Brightlocal has a list you can use.


Real estate SEO is an integral part of your online marketing efforts. Whether you like or not, you need to fully-optimize your website to make the most out of it.

Follow the tips mentioned above and hopefully, you can start building your online presence, drive traffic and drive leads to towards your business. Good luck!

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