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Content creating is one of the most vital thing in SEO. Why? Because your articles is one of Google’s basis when it comes to relevancy. If you will going to write having irrelevant information about your topic, you might not get any ranking at all. Not unless you have built a great name in the industry.,

Before you do any promotion, the first thing you need to do is to scan your article. How much keywords did you put? Did you even considered the presence of your audience? If you have done a lot of checkings, it’s time for you to promote your content. Do you even know the most common mistakes of content promotion?

Four Common Mistakes of Content Promotion

Building quality backlinks is vital for you to be able to rank high in Google. You don’t just try to build millions of links but then again it’s not quality. If this thing will happen, there is a possibility that Google might still find your content irrelevant to the readers and won’t let you rank. In the end, you won’t get that top result on the search page.

Lessen the probability of not getting on the top 10 by listing down these mistakes on your reminders. According to Ahrefs below are the things you should not do as a marketer:

Abandoning your old content

Great articles must not be forgotten. Always ensure that you are updating your old article that ranked back then. You need to do this to be able to still rank higher than your competitors. If you won’t be doing this, you will end up being outranked by your competitors.

Focusing on short-term traffic over backlinks

Generating traffic does not necessarily mean acquiring backlinks. Not unless your website is established and known by almost everyone. As a newbie, since only a few visitors will link to you, you might not be getting a natural link. You are only starting in the online world a lot of people probably doesn’t know you. That is why you need to focus more on the backlinks than traffic.

Not spending money on content promotion

There’s no such thing as limitation. However, people tend to limit things to avoid being able to spend and give more. Paid advertisements might be expensive at least there is a greater possibility that you will not just generate traffic but sales as well.

Giving up on content promotion too early

Never quit in promoting the article you have written. Google’s algorithm is ever-changing, if you will settle on just ensuring that you have shared it on your social media sites, you might end up not getting the goal you want to achieve. Just like in real life, even if you think that you won’t make it, just continue doing you and you will definitely accomplish your goals.

Great Content Promotion Strategies For Your Blog

Content promotions is a factor that marketers often forget. Due to the reason that they thought they have already shared it to their social media accounts. However, they forgot that it is not about social media. Content promotion is more than just sharing to be able to rank high in Google. As you can see in the title, you can rank high in Google by promoting your content.

Having the willingness to get your content rank high in Google is vital. Here are two of the reason on how you can:

  • You need to work out on the content. Ensure that every article you are making are quality-wise and not just for traffic generating purposes.
  • Writing an awesome content could immediately promote the article even without actually promoting it.

Do you really want to rank high in Google? If your answer is yes, below are popular content promotion strategies that you must consider.

Reaching your existing audience

Audience will always be important than just generating traffic. If you are a businessman, you won’t get any sales if no one is actually subscribing to you. That is why as early as now, if you are planning to put up a website, increase your following and engagements online first.

Reaching relevant communities

Interacting with the people close to your niche is essential. If you will not build your audience in these communities, you might not get the attention of your target buyers. Please remember that you should not involve yourself in self-promotion or you will be banned.

Content repurposing and syndication

Article can be transformed into video, audio, slides, and images or infographics. Working on different media by repurposing your content is good but you need to submit it on platforms relevant to your content. Apart from audience, relevance is a must to rank high in Google.

Guest blogging

Being able to post in a website with high domain range is vital. Apparently, it is a bit hard to get a slot since almost everyone wants to be in the list of guest authors. Once you find it hard to get the permission of the editor, you could answer question and leave comments with your link.


Referred to as one of the most important content promotion, you must not forget about outreach. In order to build a good relationship to everyone who you have mentioned and did the topic similar to your blog. Creating great connection with key influencers is better than nothing at all.

Paid promotion

In the era of social media, there are a lot of sites that offers paid advertisements. For example, as you have noticed on Twitter, you may see “promoted by *insert a company name here*”. You can promote the tweet and account that contains the link you have to your website.

Getting Equalled to Popular Websites

Competing with the bigger websites that has huge audiences and budget for better promotion is difficult. They were able to snatch the rank number one on Google several times already. However, a newbie like you, you can’t even get into the top 10.

Are you thinking of giving up? If yes, you can exit this article now but if you are not, here are the two major things you need to build. First, grow your audience and create a good relationship with them. Second, acquire more resources. You need to be patient to be able to outrank your competitors that has bigger audience and for you to rank high in Google.

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