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We hate to be cliché – but if you’re not using Pinterest (for personal and/or marketing purposes), then you’re missing out on a LOT. Not only is the online tool worth 11 billion to date, they are also innovating in terms of features and services. We are familiar with the platform as a social media device; however, Pinterest executives want people to view it as more than something to help connect friends and loved ones.

In fact, Pinterest is a ‘discovery’ platform. And it recently reverted to an ‘invite-only’ basis.

What Happened?

The change was observed on March 24, 2015. If you already have an account on Pinterest, then you’re good. For those who want to join though, you need to be invited by someone who already uses the platform. This practice is reminiscent of applications or websites on beta stage; when users were limited because the features are still under major improvement.


For those who have Pinterest profiles, you get to invite up to three (3) people from your email contacts list (the email you used to sign up on the platform). You can hold on to it for the meantime OR send the invite to get them started on their Pins. You will receive a notification if you are qualified to send invitations.


Why Pinterest seems to be limiting its number of uses is still unclear. Perhaps they are working on certain features and would like the feedback of a select few. However, one thing is certain: this isn’t permanent. Once they have their stuff together, the platform will soon be open again for everyone. If you or someone you know is NOT on Pinterest yet, better ask for an invite, because we’ve got a feeling something huge is coming our way!

Why Pins Matter

Pinterest’s growth is thanks to the tool’s easy interface and shareability. Just create an account, create a board (which is like a personal cork board, where you tack on ideas), and Pin away. Quick, simple, and fun. The user can either scroll through the endless images of inspiration OR search through the clutter using the search function. Either way, one can spend hours on the site without even knowing it (our content strategist admitted to wasting 4 hours on her first day on the website). By downloading Pinterest’s widget, you can instantly ‘Pin’ photos on whatever website you’re on. Yet another clever way this online tool has worked in our lives.


And with Pinterest’s release of their version of paid advertising in the form of Promoted Pins (December, 2014), the opportunity looks limitless for the social media favorite. Digital marketers can easily find their target market just by looking at who pinned what. Although female users outnumber men by millions, it’s still a great platform for brand promotion and discovery. Even if you have nothing to search for, stumbling upon a Pin can inspire you to do basically anything: cook a classy dinner, take a road trip, buy a dress, or start a hobby.

If you’re looking into expanding your marketing horizons, why not try Pinterest? To know more about how it works and how your business can benefit from it, contact your social media expert today.

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