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Are you in need of instant results? Dlinkers’ Pay Per Click (PPC) services can get you a noticeable position in SERP. We will provide you strategic PPC services that can help you gain instant results and can help give your website a quick boost.




SEO and PPC work hand-in-hand in bringing leads to your business. You need our PPC management services to give you instant results and the stability in SERP positions while our search engine optimization services are working on bringing you growth.

Google Adwords

If you aim for instant traffic, Google Adwords can place you in a prominent view in a search results page. Our PPC services allow your website to have an edge by enrolling you to Google Adwords to target online searchers and turn them into customers.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has been dominating social media with about 1 billion daily active users. We can help you take advantage of this trend through Facebook Ads. This is a huge opportunity for you to target Facebook users and drive leads from them.

Bing Ads

Open up an additional 66 million users that aren’t on Google. Bing ads expand the awareness of small businesses, and in return more customers. Increase your exposure online some more with over 30% of the search engine market share along with 5 billion monthly searches.

LinkedIn Ads

There’s more to LinkedIn than online social networking. Advertising on LinkedIn helps businesses of any size achieve their goals. In addition, you can reach a targeted audience of over 560 million professionals. Reach your goal of more leads and increased brand awareness with LinkedIn ads.


Allow our pay per click management services to give your business a boost. We will use relevant keywords to advertise your business and deliver you significant ROI. We make sure to target the right users to increase your lead generation.




Our PPC services are backed up with research and studies. We research on audience behavior and current industry trends to bring you highly targeted campaign.


When we’re done gathering significant data, we give ample time for planning and testing. This will ensure the effectiveness of our campaign.


You don’t have to worry about the complicated process of setting up your ads and running them. We will take care of it and make sure every important detail is in place.


We set it and monitor it. We conduct regular monitoring and result analysis of the PPC ads. We make sure that you know the progress of the PPC campaign.


We always enjoy working with awesome companies. Here are some of the happy clients that we work with. We are hoping that you can also be one of them. Join the fun for business growth!

  • draculas


WhatClients Say

Dlinkers has been in the digital marketing industry of almost 10 years now. We have provided digital marketing services to businesses from different industries. Here’s what our clients can say.

  • Whether it’s web design project which is done for me or SEO, he truly is a man of his words and does what he said that he gonna do.

  • Al is very honest and explains things very well. He said that we’re going to have 2 to 3 months to get us on top of Google.

    Dr. Stefan
    Dr. Stefan
  • As of March 1st I’ve been found for first 1, 2, 3 spots on Google for the search terms body wraps and IT Works body wraps.


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Why Choose Our PPC Management Services?

Of course, you want to work with the best. If you aim to hire a PPC agency to help you set up a Google Adwords campaign, ask them if they are Google Adwords Certified.

We, at Dlinkers, have taken our time understanding PPC. We have PPC specialists that are Google Adwords Certified. This means that our team has the knowledge in search and display advertising and we know how to use strategies to achieve a successful campaign.

Just like any other digital marketing services, make sure that your chosen PPC agency has the experience in successfully managing pay-per-click campaigns. Don’t settle to those who can tell you beautiful words but do not have anything to present.

Our team is not only backed up with knowledge in PPC but we also have the experiences in managing PPC campaigns of different business from various industries. We can present you sample projects on how we manage campaigns and how we deliver results to them.

Managing paid marketing and advertising is more than just setting up ads and wait for the end result. Other variables may come into play like the landing pages and your audience preferences.

Our PPC services go beyond ad setting. We aim to convert ad clicks into leads and sales, thus we put serious work in other significant details like ensuring the relevancy of your landing pages, targeting the right people and analyzing data.

While PPC management can be done by a one-man team, having a team of pay-per-click specialist to work with your account is a lot better.

Dlinkers PPC Team is composed of PPC specialists who are committed to delivering you campaign that can deliver the results you expected. We have a team of specialists who look beyond the basic and dive into deep PPC techniques to achieve your goals.

Don’t fall for a PPC agency that does not communicate with you or provide you with details on the progress of the campaign. Choose a team that regularly communicate with you and regularly update you about the campaign.

At Dlinkers, we value the communication we have with our clients. We make sure that all relevant information is relayed to our clients. Your opinions are valuable to us, thus we will update you on a daily basis so you could provide us feedback for the improvement of our services.

A good PPC agency will not jump into a campaign without knowing more about your business. You need a PPC expert that will take time to know your business and your goals before setting up a campaign.

We, at Dlinkers, make sure that we understand your business goals. If you want to achieve certain business objectives, we will get into details so we can customize our PPC campaign to help you achieve your objectives and uncover your online opportunities.

How do we ensure that our strategies are effective? Dlinkers is a team of experts that conducts test, experiments, and research on various services so we can serve our clients better.

We don’t deploy strategies which we have not tried or tested. We will ensure that you could get the best results for your account by utilizing effective strategies that drive results.

We seek continuous improvement. We don’t settle in the same repeated strategies. We seek for more opportunities to bring growth to our clients’ businesses.

We understand that paid marketing could change drastically. We make sure that all accounts we handle can survive the change by proactively thinking of new strategies that adapt and withstand updates.

Don’t be a victim of PPC agencies that are just preying on you for money. Trust a PPC company that is honest and transparent when it comes to pricing.

We can offer you various PPC packages according to your needs and budget. Unlike other PPC agencies, we will provide you with transparent quotations of our services. NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

Those PPC agencies that hold you hostage with long-term contracts are companies that are afraid to lose you but could not give you the results that you wanted. Don’t fall for these companies.

Dlinkers is a company that is committed to delivering results to businesses. Whether they are long-term clients or not, we treat them with value and we will provide them with serious work to achieve the campaign objectives. Our clients stay with us because we can give them results NOT because we have bound them with contracts.

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