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Possibly named after the famous Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), this new tool from Buffer lets you make beautiful images for social media posts in 30 seconds or less. After just being taken out of beta on March 5, it made headlines thanks to its simple design and function. No sign in or registration necessary. Just open the app, type in your text, pick a photo (or upload your own), and share. It also gives you the option of downloading your pictures for your own use.


They weren’t kidding when they said 30 seconds – this is one fast tool for content developers and social media marketers who want to keep up with the times (literally).

Is Image Everything?

Not exactly – but it helps immensely. Think about all the image-centered platforms that have been popping up recently: Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat…They all cater to a market that is inspired by pictures. With more than 85% of the population being visual learners, it’s important to incorporate the right photo when promoting content on social media. But it doesn’t even have to revolve around your brand if you want engagement. On Buffer’s official post, they shared 10 awesome ways to use their new tool to create simple images to capture your market’s attention.

From quotes to event announcements, Pablo makes it easy to connect with people. While pictures may say a ‘thousand words’, the app combines two of the most powerful mediums in content: words and photos. Make readers do a double turn at your image, then grab them with a convincing copy. But don’t just mix and match text with pictures. Make those 30 seconds count. Consider the following tips when making your own Pablo image:

  • don’t just center all your text
  • the ‘increased contrast’ function darkens background photos
  • make your brand unforgettable – upload a logo!
  • the secondary text option allows you to put a smaller headline (great for domain names)
  • craft dramatic images with the B&W function
  • create urgency by going for RED text
  • try other images from sites like Unsplash or Pixabay


The tool is still fairly new: limited text styles and colors, no filters, etc. So if you want to make suggestions, head on over to Buffer’s post. They would LOVE to hear from you.

Our Team Tries Pablo

The tool was too awesome that we simply had to share it with our social media strategist and content development team! Here’s what they have to say about Buffer’s new success:

Sheila, Social Media Strategist

Sheila, Social Media Strategist

Cris, Content Strategist

Cris, Content Strategist

Mik, Content Writer

Mik, Content Writer

Key,  Content Writer

Key, Content Writer

April, Content Writer

April, Content Writer


Don’t Be a Narcissist

Thanks to Pablo, you can now make great social media pictures in a flash. Perhaps the best thing about it when compared to other amazing image-editing tools like Canva, is speed. No registration means you get to work right away. Plus, the site itself loads fast. In an industry where being ‘first’ is essential, Pablo will undeniably make a name for itself – especially once they start adding in more features.

But don’t let YOUR brand’s images rule social media Feeds. As SEO experts, we should learn to LISTEN as well. What are our Fans or Followers looking for? What makes them share a particular photo? What do these images have? Once in a while, try to repost pictures from your Followers or from other brands, too. This lets them know that you are also interested in their content. Today’s social media marketing is a give and take. So don’t be greedy – share some of the fame too!

Take Images To A New Level – In Just A Few Seconds

As Pablo is super easy to use, it will definitely give you more time for other tasks (such as crafting the perfect Facebook post, or engaging with your Twitter followers). And that’s what Buffer’s ultimate aim is with their tools. We believe that in the future, time will be the world’s most precious currency. So it’s a good idea to begin saving precious seconds now.



Love our images? Head on over to Pablo to create your own. Join the fun by tagging your creations with #madebypablo to be added into Buffer’s image gallery on their social media accounts. Meanwhile, share your thoughts with us on how Pablo made a difference in your social media image posts!

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