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Why You Should NOT Give Up On Email Marketing Just Yet

Email Marketing

Email marketing has long been a useful and meaningful way for most businesses to reach out to customers. For years now, businesses have been using emails in various ways imaginable to communicate with their consumers and lead them down the sales funnel.

But email marketing is not without challenges. Although, email marketing is no longer a new aspect of digital marketing, there are still many businesses who failed to benefit from this marketing tactic.

This is perhaps one of the main reason why prefer to ditch email marketing as a part of the campaign. But should you really give up on email marketing just because it doesn’t work?

A survey revealed that about 73% of millennials prefer emails as their means of communication to businesses. You are seriously losing a lot of opportunities if you prefer to ditch email marketing for your campaign.

If you are not convinced yet, there are other things email marketing can do for your business growth.

Give Your Content Distribution A Boost

Have you recently published a stunning piece on your blog and you wish to get more traffic on it? Or do you have quality content that does not seem to gain the traffic you expected?

Emailing is one of the best ways you can amplify your content distribution. Users this day can have instant access to relevant information as they search the web. You cannot rely on web search for users to find your content, you have to serve them your content if you want to get noticed.

Emailing can help you with that. Using email as your starter pack tool to distribute content allows you to give your content a quick boost. More than that, email as a way to deliver quality content to target people reduces bounce rates.

There are a lot of email marketing app and programs which allows you to send your content to a targeted group of people with the interest in your topic and within similar demographics. Thus, when they open and consume your content, they will less likely to leave your page.

Support Your SEO Efforts

Now assuming that your readers have enjoyed your content, getting new links through email marketing is also possible.

As you deliver content to a targeted people, you also get more opportunity sharing and getting new links. It is easier for you to encourage people to share your content their network. It is also easier to encourage them to link to your content.

Original research or case studies get extra weight when shared via email. You call out your followers, point out your content’s value and ask them to share and link to your content. These you can do without directly begging for links.

Leverage Email Marketing To Win Back Customers

Have you experienced a time when customers suddenly stop engaging with your business? If you have encountered that in your business, email marketing can help you win back those customers.

Rather than removing these people from your list of active customers, you can re-engage with them through email. Sending them a simple email about exclusive deals for returning customers will help regain their interest in your business.

Likewise, you may also send them a quick survey, reviews or feedback to find out some reasons why customers stop engaging with your business. Use the info you gather to formulate a campaign to win back your customers.

Build Authority And Loyalty

Email is the perhaps the most professional medium you can use to communicate with your customers. This where you can send offers and promotion that is more trusted compared to other channels.

That is why it is easier to build authority and brand loyalty using emails. As you regularly send out contents relevant to your target consumers, you program their minds that this is the medium where they can see the latest about your business. In the process, they develop the desire to stay updated with your latest offers.

As go on with this process, you also influence their purchasing decision. Thus, you are enhancing their loyalty to your brand.

What Should Be Done Instead?

Let’s face it. Email marketing will never be “just another tactic down the dump”; at least not now or in the near future. For as long as there are people who open their emails and for as long a Google consider it useful to them, email marketing will always be a fundamental aspect of digital marketing.

You don’t have to give up just yet. What you need is to reassess your efforts. It might not be email marketing itself that isn’t working. Perhaps, your approach just needs to be adjusted.

So try to take a look and evaluate your efforts. There might be things you are doing right now that are no longer effective. Or probably, you miss the latest trend in the market and failed to take advantage of it in your email marketing efforts.

Email marketing, just like any other digital marketing strategies, needs to be updated. Along with the changes in the demand of the people are the changes on how you perform various strategies to make them work.

So just take a break, breath and work on how you can get back into the competition.

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