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When it comes to search engine optimization, there’s no doubt that experts will use more than one tool. Aside from Google Analytics (which is great, by the way), you need other means to explore the deepest recesses of digital marketing. Especially today when the industry looks like a battle arena. We bet you have the same favorites: MOZ, Majestic, Searchmetrics…and then there’s Spyfu.

We always used Spyfu for keyword research back then because nothing works faster than their system (at least for us). It was quick and easy to scan for competitor keywords, compare them with ours, and create a report – DONE! Spyfu was not just convenient, it got the job done fast; which is basically what our industry is built on (time constraints). So when they announced that they will launch an ‘all-new’ look, we quickly upgraded to their premium version.

Gone Premium – No Regrets

While Spyfu’s cup of tea still is keyword research, they outdid themselves when it comes to other SEO elements. If you’re new in the digital marketing world, we highly recommend this as one of your first tools. Why?

#1 New, Clean and Streamlined Look

No need to feel overwhelmed with all those numbers and data. Spyfu makes it look easy using their OVERVIEW tab, where you can simply type in a domain name (either yours or your competition) and get started.


At a glance, you will see:

  • Top ranking keywords
  • Inbound Clicks from Google – Organic vs. Paid
  • Top Organic Competitors
  • Competitor Shared Keywords
  • AdWords History (if applicable)
  • Organic Ranking History (use filter to view the right timeline)
  • Backlinks

From here, just decide how or which element you want to dig in deeper. Do you want to explore competitor keywords? Get business leads? Or check out your backlinks?

#2 Perfect for Competitor Keyword Analysis…

Worried about that recent startup that’s been making noise? Under the COMPETITORS tab on SEO RESEARCH, you can effortlessly keep an eye on your rivals (or whoever is invading your turf). Compare how many keywords you have in common with them, and analyze how valuable they are to your campaign based on monthly clicks.


#3 …AND Backlinks!

Spyfu made sure to cover all SEO bases by including a backlink research tool in their new version. The best part about it is not just finding other sites’ links – but also seeing links that YOU don’t have yet. Just use their ‘Backlink Kombat’ filter options, and you can easily check out backlinks your competitors have (that you can penetrate).


As this feature is particularly premature, we admit that it’s not as advanced as a few of our favorite tools. But the Kombat filter makes up for that. If you have set some limits or parameters in your settings, it will prevent some of your backlinks from showing up; so be careful with that.

#4 Gain Business Leads In a Synch

As mentioned, Spyfu incorporates ALL important SEO elements in their new platform. So we’re not surprised to see an OUTREACH feature, which would definitely help out our social media team. Just enter your niche/industry, location, and choose your Adwords Budget along with SEO clicks (if applicable to your campaign). You will be presented with the business domain name and modes of contact in a couple of seconds.


Want to save your leads for later? Just EXPORT the file and you can look at it at your own convenience. This is available for all Spyfu features.

#5 Super Fast Keyword Tracking

If there’s one thing SEO experts everywhere agree on, it’s that we rarely have enough time for all our tasks. From website audits to client meetings – it’s a miracle we’re able to sleep at all. Good thing there’s Spyfu’s quick and easy keyword tracking to help us catch up on some z’s.


Just type in the keywords you want to be tracked (either just for one day, or on a monthly basis) and let the system do the rest. You will then receive an online report that shows your ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Create different groups based on the type of keywords you want to keep an eye on. Need we say expedient?

#6 Extensive Reports

Do you have a client breathing down your neck because you failed to hand in a report on time? That’s about to be a thing of the past thanks to Spyfu’s Recon REPORTS. They even provided a Wizard (not the bearded kind) to assist you in making an ‘almost-perfect’ evaluation that would make any client happy. Professional and fully customizable, it can be ready in a couple of hours (depending on how extensive your report is).


Simply follow the easy 5-step process and you’re good to go. Once it’s done, you may download the PDF file OR change the settings for a later report.

#7 Helpful Tutorials and Videos

Spyfu doesn’t let users grope in the dark. They have easy-to-follow videos and walk-through’s to make your experience an awesome one. Not sure how or where to get started? Want to get the most out of your premium account? Looking for a reason to use PPC in your campaign? Just select their VIDEOS or TUTORIALS section for neat tips and other recommendations.


Don’t forget to visit their blog for special announcements and savvy suggestions. We certainly enjoyed their videos, and even learned a thing or two about the features we love.

Final Verdict

We highly recommend the new and improved Spyfu for SEO beginners and newbie digital marketers. For pros like us, check out their keyword tracker and reports. Spyfu felt the same (quick and convenient – as always); but we were blown away by how much they changed. It was like giving your best friend a makeover. Either way, we’re happy.

Now the rest of our teams can’t wait to get their hands on this gorgeous tool. So should you. If you’re looking for the fastest keyword research tool that can also handle other SEO elements such as social media and content, look nowhere else but Spyfu.

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