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Content marketing is one of the factors that contribute to the success of your business.

It may be a brick-and-mortar or virtual business, content marketing is the key to ensure business success. However, it is composed of multiple factors that it’s a bit challenging for one to keep up.

Despite having it around for a long time now, content marketing is swarming with myths that hurt the business of people who gets to believe in them.

Even though you are careful about making any mistakes, the misconceptions that you might be believing in may negatively affect your business just the same.

Avoid losing opportunities, traffic, and customers by keeping the records straight. Here are the mythical content marketing practices that you must stop doing.

It’s all about blogging anyway

As mentioned above, content marketing is not only exclusive to blogging.

The myth must have originated since blogs are the most common media for content marketing to happen. Although, updated and quality blog posts can become a strong foundation for your content marketing.

Even though blogs are becoming one of the most used media in content marketing, that doesn’t mean that it is all about blogging.

There are many parts that make up content marketing and blogging is just one of those parts. Along with blogs, you also have to focus on creating social media posts, videos, webinars and so much more.

Depending on your business and target market, experiment different types of content in order to see what works best for you.


I’m keeping my contents to myself

Sharing content through social media shares and guest posts is one way to raise brand awareness.

Guest blogging will expose you and your brand to the readers and followers of the site where you guest posted in. Accepting guest posts, on the other hand, will give your content variety and fresh perspectives.

All in all, guest posts benefits you and the web site you contributed.

Keeping your contents to yourself isn’t recommended. However, bear in mind that the articles that you accept and submit are of quality and original.

No one wants to be sued for plagiarism or penalized by Google due to spammy links in the content.

Content marketing is expensive/free

Content marketing is neither expensive nor it is free also.

Unless you don’t have a content marketing strategy, content marketing shouldn’t get too expensive. It also isn’t free even if you are doing it on your own(which is not recommended if you don’t want to be swamped with a ton of workload).

In this world, nothing is free. If not monetary, then time and effort. And in business, time is money.

Although it requires a steady and ongoing budget as well as effort, as long as you have a good plan and strategy backing you up, content marketing a great investment.

Managing your contents

A few blog posts is enough

Blog posts, especially evergreen posts, generate a steady stream of traffic.

However, when you think that a number evergreen blog posts and a few seasonal posts will be enough to last your business, that is a mistake waiting to happen.

Content marketing should be continuous as well as consistent as time pass by. This will show the people that you are still active and updated with the happenings around the world.

Making more contents ensure success

On the other side of the coin, you might think that more posts mean more audience reached, right?

That is also not the case. The saying “Content is King” may be true, creating content with no purpose won’t benefit your business.

With Google’s update, having a lot of low-quality posts can be a cause of a penalty compared to a few yet high-quality blog posts.

In the end, content marketing isn’t about creating only a few posts and stopping. It isn’t also about creating as much content as possible. It is about quality over quantity as well as up-to-date and consistent.

Instead of stopping or posting more contents, focus on improving your content’s performance and maximize its distribution.

SEO doesn’t seem important anymore

Since content marketing is improving your rank and traffic, you think that dropping SEO is a good idea.

Wrong. SEO is still important in content marketing, ranking, and traffic. Furthermore, SEO is not content marketing and content is not SEO.

Despite the closeness of the two, SEO and content marketing are not considered as one and the same.

SEO is what drives searchers to your contents and your content is what drives people to your product or service. A successful SEO contributes to a successful content marketing.

Automate all content marketing

Artificial intelligence and bots have become an asset in making content marketing easier and faster.

Automating content and updates for marketing becomes a snap. As dreamy as it sounds, automating all of your content marketing is never a good idea. This will brand you as insensitive and people can sniff out automated messages from far away.

People nowadays prefer tailored and personalized messages. They favor companies that value them as customers and people, and not just a way to get money from.

Automating is good and beneficial when you are very busy, this is very useful when updating your status or posting your blogs to lessen your workload.

Aside from that, keep your marketing as manual as possible. So use automation accordingly.


It is no secret that content marketing is an important factor that sees the success of your business.

Just know that there is no easy way for you to get to the top of the rankings. Just like other companies, their high rankings are from their hard work and dedication to reach for it.

With myths and misconceptions that loom over content marketing, aiming for success just got more challenging.

If you wanted to improve your content marketing but having trouble with making your strategy work, knowing the myths and misconceptions is a step in the right direction.

Knowing these will enlighten you and will give you a chance to correct them before any further damage is done.

Analyzing where you went wrong and avoiding to repeat the same mistake again is yet another step towards success. So arm yourself with knowledge and experience as you continue to trek towards the top.

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