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Myopia, or nearsightedness, is one of the most common eye disorders around the world. It affects more than 3 million people a year in the United States alone. While it’s not exactly life-threatening, it can put a damper on enjoying life. People who have Myopia experience blurred and/or distorted vision; which prevents them from seeing things as they are. Unfortunately, this is also a prevalent condition in the SEO industry.

Don’t Look Close – Look Ahead

If you are myopic or nearsighted, you need to look closely at something in order to recognize it. A flower for instance, will look hazy so you need to walk towards it to fully appreciate its beauty. The trouble with this is that, it prevents you from seeing the entire picture. Yes, you see the pretty flower – but you miss the beauty of the park. In the digital marketing sector, that can be dangerous.

Let’s say you have a client whose rankings have recently been slipping. If you have a ‘myopic’ viewpoint, you will only look at links and keywords. Maybe you weren’t building enough links. Or perhaps you need to work in more keywords into your content. This is OLD SCHOOL. Sadly, there are still plenty of companies and SEO agencies practicing age-old tactics that put businesses at risk of losing money.


Simply because they are nearsighted.

Instead of looking closely, why not look ahead into the future?

Top 3 Myopic Habits That Could Cost You Profit

Is your website not ranking? Do your efforts seem futile because you’re not getting any leads or ample sales? Learn to spot myopic digital marketing traits AND cure them.

#1 Not Going Mobile

Different business owners have different goals. However, shying away from mobile could not only lose you great opportunities (from local to worldwide customers); but also cost you money in the long run. Think about it: how many people are searching the Web on their mobile devices? Millions. Thousands of those are people in your locality. Even if these searches don’t immediately equal online sales, they might lead to store visits. A Google study found that 1 in 3 searches on smartphones result in a store visit.

What if someone could be searching for your business right now, but he or she went elsewhere because they couldn’t find you?

#2 Spam Backlinks

Links remain as the bloodline of SEO – but that does NOT mean that you should stick with old backlinking strategies that were outdated in 2013. It’s surprising that small and medium businesses still think it’s okay to create numerous links that have little to no value. Here’s a short list of what counts as spam:

  • Links from low quality directories and/or bookmarking websites
  • Paid links and/or automated links from online programs
  • Bulk backlink creation purely for marketing purposes
  • Unnatural links (i.e. links that connect to nonsensical or non-related content)
  • Content containing optimized anchor texts


There are plenty of legitimate ways to build links WITHOUT compromising quality. One is finding outdated or broken links, and then sending a request to the site’s webmaster to update that link with yours. While this strategy takes a while, it’s certainly simpler and more helpful for both parties than a spammy link.

#3 Stagnant SEO Strategies

Are your digital marketing techniques the same as last year’s? The thing with SEO is that it’s highly dynamic. What if we tell you that perhaps HALF of those strategies no longer apply today – are you willing to change them? Search engines like Google can and will change their system without warning. What we know now may not be applicable tomorrow. That’s completely normal (this is how we roll).

For businesses who hire SEO agencies, it’s important to take note of what tactics they use throughout the campaign. This is especially vital if you’re staying with them for a year or more. An SEO company that doesn’t improve nor experiment means they are not thinking long-term. You want a firm who can think ahead into the future.

It’s Time For Treatment


The good news is that myopia is highly treatable. Simply visit your eye doctor and he or she will prescribe the best treatment to bring back normal vision. This could mean wearing glasses OR getting laser eye surgery. Either way, you have a chance to see the world through better eyes. The same is true for myopic SEO strategies. Tired of slipping rankings? No leads? Or low website traffic? It’s never too late to receive appropriate SEO advice to boost your business again.

For one, you can begin optimizing your website for mobile devices. With Google’s mobile algorithm update launching soon, you still have time to gradually enhance user experience for your customers on their handhelds. The great thing about this system update is that it happens in REAL TIME. This means that if you just optimized a web page, you will see an increase in its ranking right after the change. So it’s definitely possible to rank higher with the upcoming mobile update.

To help you identify spammy backlinks to your website, contact your local SEO services OR use tools like the Ahrefs Backlink Explorer. If you feel that your SEO company doesn’t have your best interests at heart, be ready to part ways. It won’t do either of you any good to stay in a relationship that benefit neither party. Remember: two blind people can’t lead each other.

So stop looking closely – or you’ll miss the bigger picture.

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