Choosing the right domain is crucial for the online growth of any business. It is one of the fundamentals of building brand identity online. This guest post from Katrina Manning will discuss some modern tips for choosing a logical domain name.

7 Modern Tips For Choosing A Logical Domain Name

The right domain name can make the difference between strong traffic and remain an unknown. One of the most critical steps in starting a new website for your business is selecting the right domain name.

It’s not as easy as it once was since many great domain names are already taken. Plus, you must become quite savvy when it comes to picking the right domain name. This is probably something that you will build your brand around. As a result, it is important to spend some time searching for the perfect name.

Make It A Match

Sure, there are gimmicky domain names that work such as Yahoo! or even GoDaddy, but if you’re a smaller business, it helps to have a domain name that is relevant to what your company does. It is an advantage when a visitor can read your domain name and guess exactly what you do. In a sense, your domain name also serves to advertise your business.

Of course, with millions of domain names already registered, it isn’t an easy task to find the first domain name you want. Yet, you can’t give up. Keep searching. If you don’t find your top five choices available, think of another five you can use. A domain name is really only as good as the business. You can make anything work if your business model is successful.

Place Your Keyword In Your Domain Name

You want a domain name relevant to your industry, and this includes keywords. To illustrate, if your company sells software, you might use something with targeted keywords such as “business software” or “applications.” The point is people use keywords for searches. You want your domain name to show up when people type your targeted keyword. You might even try a free tool such as Ubersuggest to come up with phrases around a keyword.

Make It Easy

As technology continues to evolve, life is getting easier for many of us. We can search for almost anything on our mobile devices. Almost anything we want can now be delivered to our doorstep. We can become friends with chatbots and robots. Things are just easy.

This is why it is imperative to choose an easy-to-remember domain name. You’ll be sharing it with people often. The last thing you need is a low website traffic because someone misspelled your domain name. The easier it is to spell, the better for a larger number of visitors. It also helps to prevent potential misunderstandings. And, if it’s easy to remember, you can really go global.

Get Something Expired

You may not have thought of this, but many expired or soon-to-be-expired domain names already have some traffic. If you can find an expired domain name, that is relevant to your business, it can help boost your online exposure immediately. Of course, you won’t be the only one looking for expired domain names. It helps to check daily, even every few hours to get the expired domain name of your dreams.

Play With Domain Name Generators

There are many free domain name generators that match your keywords with common Internet prefixes or suffixes. These tools help when you’re just unable to come up with a brandable domain name on your own. Play around, don’t choose just one. Try to come up with up to five domain names. You can then ask family and friends which ones they like the most.

Try A New gTLD

Many of the best domain names have already been taken in the .com world. If there are a few available, they’re exorbitantly expensive. New top level domains include extensions such as .coffee, .jewelry, .florist, .boutique and more. There are thousands of options for you to stand out with your new domain name. As the newer gTLDs become more popular, you can count on more visitors actively seeking them out.

Keep It As Short As Possible

People won’t remember long and complex domain names. If they don’t remember your domain name, they will search for your products and services elsewhere. This is why your domain name must be short and stick in your visitors’ minds. It’s also easier to type shorter names. In general, you should stay under 10 characters. If you must, then try to stay under 20 characters. On the other hand, don’t go with something that is abbreviated or too short. If your site is about cat grooming, don’t use–no one will know what that means. If it is longer, it will work if the phrase is easy to recall such as “”

The right domain name can make your online business. If it is short and relevant, it can help boost your website traffic. If it is long, complex and difficult to remember, then you are better off finding something else. There are also still many options for choosing a catchy domain name with the new gTLDs as well. Once you’ve got your domain name set up, you can now catapult your content marketing campaign.

About The Author:

Katrina Manning is a published author, professional writer and editor. Over the past eight years, she has written thousands of articles in the business, tech and lifestyle genres. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, experimenting with new recipes, traveling, playing with her cat and looking at Instagram pics.

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