Role of Millennials in Social Media

How do we relate millennials in social media marketing?

The world is having a hard time adjusting to the millennial-driven hype, especially now that there at least 1.8 billion millennials in the world.

Millennials have been accused of killing outdated norms and values that the earlier generations want to preserve. They supposedly killed romantic dinner dates by shifting to online dates. They even made large shopping stores close down by preferring online shopping.

Can we really blame them for the death of norms and industries?

The real issue is not that millennials are not killing industries or businesses, but businesses aren’t adapting,

Jason Dorsey, Millennials at the Center for Generational Kinetics

These huge shifts are actually opening new doors to innovations in marketing and creating brands. Millennials are now shaping the way industries market and create their brands, especially on social media sites. The following are the reasons.

They provide new business opportunities

According to GlobalData Q3 2016 global consumer survey, Generation Y or the Millennials are the most experimental demographics. They are more open to innovative concepts and they are exposed to foreign cultures and products from an early age than the previous generations. Thus, they are more curious and willing to try new products and experiences.

This appreciation of innovation opened up opportunities to brands to ‘premiumize’ their products by offering something new and unusual, which usually attracts millennial consumers and persuades them to pay for it.

The best example is Netflix’s strategy. They committed to making original content to give the best experience to their premium users. Which is saying a lot because aside from offering speed, picture quality, and affordable price, they can give their users something new to watch.

They are loyal consumers

Millennials are the pickiest consumers. That’s not surprising since they are known for preferring only ‘the best’. Millenials made this a thing that researchers and statisticians regularly conduct surveys to find out ‘the best’ brands, products, services, or experiences.

Moreover, brands give their blood, sweat, and tears to adapt to consumers’ demands that are ever-changing.

So, how do brands earn the millennials’ loyalty?

Through quality product, superior customer support, and supporting society with their product and cause, brands can build trust with these picky millennials and create a long-lasting relationship with them.

They have strong networking and influence

Millennials are the most active users of social media sites and other online communities, which means their networking and influence are very strong and active.

In the past, marketers only connect and work with celebrities and authoritative figures to market their brands.

The rise of blogging, as well as vlogging, gave everyone the power to become an influencer. And now, anyone who has a strong internet presence and influence can become a brand endorser. This kind of person is an ‘influencer’. An influencer uses his or her influence and cultivated authority to persuade people to purchase or avail a certain brand.

This is an effective strategy because consumers will more likely believe someone they can relate with.

In addition, millennials are known for their overreactive tendencies. Brand marketers like this because they like people to talk about or react to their products or services. Reactions are vital in marketing since they don’t only increase brand awareness but also give marketers room for improvements.

They have a soft spot for Philanthropic cause

Aside from brand marketers, do you know who else loves the millennials?

Non-government organizations.


Religious organizations.

Human Rights Advocates.

Pet lovers.

And especially dogs and cats.

Millennials have a natural effect of unity that comes through their mutual desire to provide help to a philanthropic purpose. Because they witness and experience a lot of things on social media, they naturally want to help people or groups that exist to fulfill a good cause.

They react deeply when they see a touching story and they want to do something about their feelings. Thus, they volunteer to charities and help the poor and the needy. This is beneficial for marketers because if they can produce an effective story with their brands, millennials won’t hesitate to buy their products.

They are the trend makers of the world

Because they have the most active and strong influence in this world, millennials are the trendsetters both online and offline. Who do you think made the most viral stories and videos online?

Only millennials are courageous enough to share unusual and shocking stories online. They also love experimenting so new things are not new anymore.

Every day, millennials invent and discover new trends. They made hashtags to relate their content to others and GIFs to evoke reactions.

If they start a trend related to a brand, there is a huge chance that the brand will get viral for a period of time. Depending on people’s reactions, the viral trend will either die down or become even more huge.

However, at the end of the day, millennials don’t really care about the most viral trends and stories. In reality, they are moved by authentic messages, authentic brands, and authentic interactions. They might like to spend time online but they appreciate the offline world, too.

They use technology, especially social media more often because they are aware that they are influential and powerful in driving the communities and industries.

That’s why brand marketers should never ignore their confidence and innovative spirits to keep up with this competitive world.


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