Do you like memes?

These days, there aren’t many people who can’t recognize one if they see it. For a more standard definition, a meme is any idea, activity, or concept that can quickly spread and become a hit online. Technically, this can be anything: from blog posts to videos. But the most common – and perhaps well-known of all – are images.

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[icon name=”icon-github-alt” size=”medium” color=”” float=”left”]Origin of the Meme

First coined from the book ‘The Selfish Gene’ by Richard Dawkins, the term was used to refer to replicators. Humans are very good examples of this. As we naturally have the tendency to copy from one another, we are able to take something popular and make it even better. Thus, one meme can give birth to a totally different one; and so on and so forth. This trend continues because memes, like the way they are distributed, change over time.

Traditional memes include songs, fashion, and skills. Today, memes take on the form of digital funny photos with captions on them. But they can also be hash tags, events, and links. These are contributed by users everywhere around the world, shared online, and eventually become a sensation. If a lot of people can relate to your meme for instance, you can find your creation on top of the charts.

Since its boom in 2013, memes have been a fun, subtle way for businesses to take over their niche market.

Get the Meme Advantage

What’s so special about these internet memes?

• They’re already super popular! Thus, it’s a neat trick to jump into this bandwagon whether you’re a startup business or an established name. For beginners, it’s a neat method to get your brand, product, or service to your audiences. For huge companies, it’s a cool way to show that you’re up with the times, and that you like relating with your customers.

• They’re easy to share! Memes don’t need to be in HD, or even be beautiful – they just have to be funny, witty, and entertaining. Just upload them on your various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr for quick viral potential. People love these types of memes because they don’t require much thought; so it can definitely cater to all types of folks: from busybodies to bored Internet fanatics.

• They’re great traffic generators! Its undeniable that memes get one of the most clicks, views, shares, comments, and likes than other types of content. For brands that utilize this tactic, they can increase their social media engagement exponentially without much effort. Plus, they’re also delivering good-natured laughs for their users. Both parties win. Now that’s awesome SEO!

SEO Meme-No-Secret-Finnick

Should You Make Your Own Meme?

Should you decide to use memes for online marketing, one of the most important questions is: should you make your own, or simply hijack an existing one? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:

Your own memes:

•Quick and easy! Simply pick out an image, use a photo-editing tool, add a witty or funny caption, then save.

• Not a creative spirit? You can go to free online meme generators like Quickmeme.

• You will receive the credit for that particular meme should it go viral.

Meme hijacking:

• Everything’s already present – all you have to do is change it a bit (like put in your brand, product, or service name).

• As this type of meme is already viral, you won’t have trouble promoting it.

• You might appear cliché though, since you’re using an existing meme.

Meme Points to Remember

Just because this strategy works well doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Serious businesses who are careful with their online presence would be hesitant to promote themselves through memes. Meanwhile, more creative brands might not mind being the source of a witty catchphrase. It really depends. To make your meme experience favorable, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

• Know the trend: monitor social media channels for the hottest news, photos, movies, events, and ideas. The most successful memes are the ones that were created when such concepts were fresh. Stay alert and keep Photoshop open. Like the old saying goes: strike while the iron is hot!

• Keep your meme aligned: although memes are funny, interesting, and clever – they also need to be related to your business if you want to maximize its marketing power. What’s the point of creating one if the idea is far from the product or service you offer? Take a few minutes to review your meme. It possible, consult a third party for an unbiased opinion.

• Avoid sensitive topics: mind your memes! Topics like religion, politics, and gender-related issues are best kept alone. Unless your a journalism network, try to steer clear of these delicate themes.

• Keep it simple and have fun! Internet memes are all the rage because they distract from serious, bland topics. Have you ever had a rough day, but then laugh yourself out the minute you looked at a cat meme? It’s the same for your audiences. Keep things light-hearted, have fun making your meme, and you’ll be well on your way.

Are memes here to stay? We never know. What matters is that it’s here now, and it’s a brilliant SEO strategy that yields results. Thinking about adding it to your online marketing tactics before the year is over? Contact your SEO service provider for some helpful, free advice.

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