Retention Marketing

Using Retention Marketing in Your Emails

There has been a steady increase in the overall customer acquisition costs for B2B as well as B2C companies and…

Inbound Call Center

6 Tips for Finding the Right Inbound Call Center For Your Business

In our digital world, 47% of customers prefer to communicate with businesses via email -- even if they're local businesses.…

20 Christmas Assets for Your Email: Icons, Illustrations, & Fonts (Guest Post)

During the festive season, people are ready to go shopping and anticipate pleasant Christmas stuff... Some people plan the holiday…


Marketers Appreciate Email Tracking: Our Yesware Review

The one drawback of sending plain emails is the trepidation you face after clicking send. Not knowing whether the receiver…


Marketing Terms: The Difference Between Integrated, Multichannel, Omnichannel

The digital marketplace is rife with a plethora of marketing terms that may not or may barely graze the top…

Multi-channel Digital Marketing

8 Pros of Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

Television, desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones… Your target audiences are just hopping from one device to the next. And with…

Brand Ambassador

5 Crucial Tactics to Make Every Visitor a Brand Ambassador

In the past, TV viewing was exclusively a relationship between the viewer and the show. Now, when meaningful moments happen…

Storytelling for Successful Marketing

Why Storytelling is Your Key to Successful Marketing

When you have established your brand, it is time to market it to the world, especially in front of your…


Aristotle and the Art of Persuasion in Digital Marketing

The origin of Digital Marketing goes way back from 300 BCE. Persuasion, at that time, was only in the form…

Mobile Marketing

Capitalizing In Mobile Connectivity For Small Business Marketing

Mobile marketing has long been one of the most effective marketing approaches for business. Who wouldn’t when customers are obviously…

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