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Why Marketing Matters In Modern SEO

Search engine optimization doesn’t stop with building links. In fact, the impact of SEO goes far beyond the digital realm. Not many businesses see it this way though; which may explain why your clients seem impatient when there aren’t any results for the first few months. Unlike previous strategies (which were quick, deceitful, and misleading), modern times now require double the effort, with a bit of experimentation plus a wider scope of range.

[icon name=”icon-eye-open” size=”medium” color=”” float=”left”]It Begins with Visibility…

One of the goals of SEO has always been visibility: [Tweet Me!] to get a website on top of search engines for potential customers to see. Why is this important? According to Hubspot statistics, 75% of online users HARDLY look past the first page of SERPs. This means that the higher rank your website is on the first page of search results (such as Google), the better the chances of getting clicked. After that, it’s up to your content, website layout, and overall user experience (UX).

Even then, SEO strategies have branched out to include web design and development. It’s not just about keywords anymore. Content has to be diverse, fresh, and relevant. It needs to be updated regularly. You need to reach out on social media, too. Black-hat tactics are slowly disappearing from the Web. Users are being put on the front row. Just like in marketing, it’s no longer about in-your-face aggressive selling that usually ends with unhappy customers. Now, both SEO and marketing need to understand their consumers first, answer their problems, then offer a solution that’s related to their services.

But this won’t be possible if your website cannot be seen by customers.

[icon name=”hb-moon-heart-8″ size=”medium” color=”” float=”left”]…and Ends with Nurturing

Say that you exhausted all SEO efforts, and even re-designed your website for better online experience. What now? It’s time to market and nurture. That’s right – SEO now incorporates more marketing in terms of social media campaigns, customer service, follow-ups, and promotions. However, NOT all aspects of marketing will apply. A few aspects are pretty effective though. Let’s take a look at a few:

Knowledgeable Staff and/or Representatives

These are the faces of your business. They are often part of your advertising and/or sales team. They should be courteous, quick to respond, have invaluable information about your product or service, as well as willing to go the extra mile for your potential customer.

Online and Offline Marketing Tools

These can be in the form of web and/or mobile apps. It could also be physical stuff like brochures, portfolios, adverts, and leaflets. Whatever you choose as your marketing tools, they should be suited for your business type and your needs as a company. For example: apps that send notifications about leads are useful for folks who are always on the go, but don’t want to miss a potential customer.

Valuable Promotions

Adding value to your product – whether you’re an SEO firm or an E-commerce website – is always good practice. Especially in highly competitive industries, people would appreciate that extra push to finalize their buying decision. Valuable promotions in the form of coupons, discounts, and freebies are a great idea. They provide an incentive for purchase, without being pushy.

Customer Outreach Strategies

The saying ‘it’s more expensive to find new customers than keeping old ones’ has never been so true. Before, people bought services and products from the same companies because there wasn’t much competition. Today however, it’s very time-consuming and costly to get your brand out in the market. That’s why keeping in touch with old clients and people who have tried your service is vital. Not only will they continue to buy from you because you always appreciate their business; you can also ask them for feedback to improve your services.

SEO needs to be closely monitored to ensure maximum results – much like marketing. If you fuse both, you will enjoy bigger benefits. Ask your SEO consulting services today about their marketing strategies to improve your business.


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