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By now you’ve probably heard and read almost every forecast about social media. Yes, we all know Pinterest and Youtube will hit it big (if not bigger). Of course, we need a responsive web design to reach more audiences who are always on the go. With tons of trends out there, which ones are really worth following? And how do we promote our business without being pushy?

Promoting on Pinterest and Twitter

One of Twitter and Pinterest’s most attractive features is ‘seamless’ advertising. Although the latter is relatively new to online ads (unlike Twitter), it’s bound to be huge with anybody who can pay to have their pins promoted. But why invest on these two social media favorites?

  • Both have millions of subscribers – most are active everyday
  • Advertisements don’t look like advertisements
  • They’re on mobile

Twitter ads hardly appear as ads. Unless you see the yellow ‘Promoted’ icon on the lower left corner of a Tweet, you may not even have guessed that it was an ad.


Pinterest on the other hand, is more subtle. You can keep scrolling through your feed and not notice that you already included a Promoted Pin in one of your boards. That’s because the only difference is a tag from a company. Otherwise, it looks like any regular pin.

ads on Pinterest

Check out Pinterest and Twitter’s ad choices to see which ones fit your budget. Not everyone can promote their pins yet – but you can have your business wait-listed.

Videos on Facebook

There’s no doubt that videos have a higher percentage of going viral than images or text. Buzzfeed has already made it big thanks to their very own Youtube channel featuring fresh, original, and funny clips. Banking on a professional videographer could boost your rankings as long as you don’t abandon your other branding mediums. A common mistake most companies make ( or HAVE made in 2014) was to focus on creating clever videos, that they forgot about their website.

Be seen on large video sites such as Youtube or Vine – but continue your online marketing efforts for your website. Today, Buzzfeed still continues to provide witty, insightful, and updated articles on their website. Plus, they’re also active on their various social media accounts. Remember: your site is still your ‘window’ on the Web. And you don’t want your customers to think that there’s no one available.

Your Blog

Blogging is still effective today as it was in years past. Although some strategies have changed, it’s still a good idea to share stories and tips to your audience. People love reading stuff about them. If your company blog used to be elsewhere, consider moving it to your own website instead. Not only is it easier to manage, your customers can immediately get the information they need.

Link your blog with the company’s social media accounts. It’s a great way to promote your stories once they are published. Ask your readers for comments, tips, suggestions. Post pictures of customers enjoying your products or services.

Last: know WHERE your customers are! Ask help from your social media expert, or consult an SEM specialist for the right online marketing strategies.

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