Social media is not a new idea to digital marketers. These media have been in the digital marketing spectrum for such a long time and different kinds of business from various industries have already explored the ins and outs of social media for marketing purposes.

However, we could no longer neglect the fact that as social media marketing evolves; there are approaches that no longer work. If you have noticed your analytics going stagnant or worse, going down, you may be losing your social media sparkle.

You may not notice it but your social media efforts might be losing a lot of opportunity for business growth. So to help you get back on track, here are some things you need to check.

You Schedule Your Content The Wrong Way

Posting updates or contents when users are on its peak is perhaps the most overused advice we can get from various marketing experts.

But did you ever wonder why your posts are not getting enough attention even if you follow the ideal scheduling for your channels? The answer is perhaps because your material and scheduling do not match.

In social media, timing is everything. And timing is about what you should post at that certain period of time. Let say you have promotional contents to post in your channels; you cannot just post them one after the other even if you are following the ideal schedule.

It is not a good image for business to see a page full of promotional contents. Therefore, there should be a balance between user-generated contents and promotional contents.

Likewise, scheduling promotional contents sparingly allow your contents to gain traction. You are giving your audience enough time to enjoy the content thus encouraging them to act.

Whatever your goal for your promotional content is, you are giving your audience a time to fulfill your goal before launching another.

You Stop Responding To Their Needs

There are a lot of reasons why people love a business that has a social media page. But perhaps the most prominent one is when they are able to connect and communicate to the business.

However, there are just some businesses that don’t listen to what their consumers say. If you are one of these businesses, here’s why you should change your ways.

A survey from Hubspot revealed that roughly a quarter of their respondent expects a response from business after an hour of leaving a comment on Twitter and Facebook.

If your business fails to provide your audience with a personal engagement and if you keep ignoring their needs they will likely to unfollow you. Your consistency in providing for your audience need is a crucial factor in keeping their loyalty to your brand.

You Use Social Media For Massive Backlinks

Social media indeed can provide a business some SEO value. But that doesn’t mean you can use it to gain massive backlinks unnaturally.

Social media is still mainly for engagement and providing business with an effective way to generate awareness. If your priority in social media is to gain links, you are definitely losing a lot of opportunity for business growth, not to mention you are in a very risky situation.

While you can drive website traffic to your website on social media, doing it unnaturally can cause your business to get banned from these channels.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have been very vocal about their rules in abusive, unnatural way of posting updates. Moreover, your audience may not like it and when they find it abusive they can report you for violating the rules.

So before you are no longer searchable on social media, you must stop this unhealthy social media practice and try to be more engaging and useful to users.

You Go Too Mainstream

Over the past years, several trends and updates have come and go in social media. Memes, hashtags and reactions are some of them. But just because they are trending doesn’t mean your business can freely use them for marketing.

Memes, for example, are a good way to enhance your content, it is a good way to capture the attention of your audience but when forced to the traditional professional, it could work against your brand image.

Hashtags can also against you once overused. Also, you have to be particular what a hashtag is all about or think of what could be your audience reaction when using such hashtag. You don’t want to end up like Dorothy Perkins, remember their hashtag fail in 2017.

You Failed To Utilize Modern Technology

If you think that you have exhausted all possible tactics to boost your social media; the truth is, you haven’t. As the digital marketing worlds continue to evolve, social media will keep on changing. That requires you to constantly recheck and overhaul your efforts.

Artificial Intelligence, for example, has been making waves right now. If you look closely, you will realize that AI can be a potent tool to maximize your social media management through better understanding of buyer personas.

As we often said, social media marketing is dynamic. The tips I have mentioned above may no longer be applicable 2 to 3 years from now and you have to revamp your social media activity over again. That’s just how it works.

Last Words

Social media isn’t something that will be gone a few years from now. In fact, it continuously evolving. Thus, making it more useful yet more challenging for businesses.

While there is no silver bullet to mastering social media for growing a business, your understanding of how it works and how it will work in the near future could be your ticket to social media success.


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