The Importance of Backlinks

It is well-known that backlinks are the foundation of a successful SEO ranking of a website. Successful SEO means higher rankings and higher rankings mean more exposure to potential customers.

However, due to the constant changes that the virtual world is going through on a regular basis, things can get difficult.

In the competitive world of the internet, there is no guarantee that one will always remain in the top spot.

The answer to that problem may lie on local backlinks.

Why are Local Backlinks Important?

There are many factors that make up your place in the Search Engine rankings.

However, it is still undeniable that link building and backlinks are still a major factor that determines that.

Unless your local brick-and-mortar business caters to the whole world, getting quality yet relevant traditional and local backlinks can boost your ranks in the SERPs.

On the other hand, you might need a few changes if you are having a small local business and using the website to advertise your establishment.

Start by utilizing local backlinks. Why?

Getting traffic in Chicago from your organic link building won’t improve your local business in Los Angeles. By using localize backlinks, you get to improve web and foot traffic to your business by catering to local customers.

How to Get Quality Local Backlinks for Your Local SEO

Due to being exclusive in a local area, local link building can get challenging.

Nothing is easy nowadays, anyway, correct?

Getting local backlinks is just one minor bump in the road of your journey toward virtual and real-life success for you and your business.

Even though link opportunities in local link building are limited, it is not impossible to increase your local search ranking.

A little creativity and some thinking outside the box and you’ll find that those opportunities are much more vast than you imagined. Here are some

Local Directories and Citations

We may have said our goodbyes to Yellow Pages, it seemed to remain in existence in the virtual world.

From directory sites such as Yelp and Facebook, to name a few, these can be a great source to get a backlink.

When submitting your business to your chosen directories, you have to remember one thing. Be consistent and be accurate.

Inaccurate and inconsistent data may confuse the search engine and hurt your business’ authority and reputation.

Testimonials from Clients/Partners

Asking for testimonials and reviews from previous and current customers is a great way to gain backlinks.

It is best to encourage product and service reviews from customers. Since, nowadays, people wanted to know what other people think of a product or service making a purchase.

Additionally, you can also collab, exchange or ask for backlinks with your business partners.

You’re not only gaining backlinks from this but you also get to maintain and even strengthen your relationship with them.

This makes up for a healthy customer and business partner relationship as well as a healthy web traffic.

Local Blogs and Influencers

People trust what other people say. Especially if that person is their favorite blogger or influencer.

Getting your business promoted or featured by a famous blogger or influencer within your locality can surely boost business awareness as well as traffic.

You can ask them if they are willing to review your product or service and blog their experiences online along with a backlink to your site.

Guest Blogging

For those businesses who have to maintain life, brick-and-mortar business, and blog maintenance, you all have a problem.

Content generation. There are times when you need help with content creation for your blog as well as inject your blog with fresh and new perspectives from different people.

Therefore, guest blogging isn’t dead.

Guest posts are still here but they are not the same spammy guest posts like they were before. Due to Google updates such as Panda and Penguin, guest posting shouldn’t be taken lightly.

However, it is still one of the most effective ways to improve your rankings and reputation.

You want that backlink, you have to earn it. Create quality content and submit it to relevant sites that can improve your business authority and traffic.

Local Online Newspaper or Publication

Even though magazines and newspapers are dying, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have an online counterpart.

Local publications couldn’t feature businesses without linking the business in question. It isn’t a secret that magazine and publication sites are a great way to earn high-quality backlinks.

Since the jobs of these publications are to inform people of what is happening locally, this can also give you more foot traffic.

Reverse Engineer Competitor Backlinks

Sometimes getting backlink opportunities don’t just come from allies but from the competition as well.

Reverse engineering the backlinks of competition will open up more opportunities for you.

With this technique, you will be able to discover hubs or websites that backlinks to one or more of your competitors. you might as well join the party.

Moreover, you get to see link opportunities that you’ve missed such as a recent organization that lists local businesses or ventures.

Competitors’ backlinks are a great way for you to analyze what you are doing wrong, what you miss and what needs to be improved in your link building campaign.

Wrapping Up

Traditional SEO is good and being featured on highly authoritative sites can be beneficial and can significantly improve web traffic.

The only caveat that it can give is if it’s catering to somewhere where your brick-and-mortar business isn’t established. It is a waste of effort when your willing customers aren’t that willing enough to travel across the country for your services.

Furthermore, the updates made search engines smarter which redirects restaurant queries to local restaurants where the user is in without the use of keywords such as “near me”.

Along with the imminent execution of Mobile First Indexing–which is present in both traditional and local SEO trends, local searching became much sought-after than ever.

Therefore, it is important to use and implement local backlinking to ensure the improvement of search ranking.

The success of your local website is by catering the right item to the right customer in the right place.

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