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In the modern marketing landscape, it is no longer a question whether or not mobile videos have a significant impact on users. It is no longer a question of whether or not videos can penetrate the mobile marketing industry.

In a recent survey, mobile has accounted for 60% of video starts. This is an indication that mobile videos are gaining the momentum which business should take advantage of.

Google On Mobile Videos

Last August 2017, Google launched the 6-second mobile preview on search results. So whenever users search the web and the SERP brings up videos, it will show a 6-second clip to help users decide whether a video is what they are looking for.

Different kinds of videos, not only Youtube videos, will have a chance to get a coveted spot on SERP. This means that if your video is directly relevant to what the users wanted to see, you could get a higher chance of driving traffic to your videos.

This feature allows more quality time of searching. Through a 6-second preview, users will not waste their time one video after the other to find valuable video content.  Thus, making video searching easy and convenient making it more in demand.

However, as mobile videos become more in demand to consumers, the competition is also getting tough.

For small business owners or marketers like you, it could be challenging to compete with big players. But it is not hopeless.

Mobile Videos For B2C

Video has long been an alternative channel for shoppers to search for relevant information about products and business.

Unboxing videos have been a potent tool for brands in enticing viewers and encouraging them to act. Unboxing videos play with human curiosity. This is why it has undeniably become a popular channel that affects consumers in their purchasing decisions.

Likewise, videos are also used by consumers to compare products, check on reviews or personal recommendations from critics and product testers.

What does it mean for mobile?

If you are not yet aware, more than half of Youtube videos come from mobile. People use mobile to view videos that can answer their queries and serve them with content they are looking for. As more and more people prefer mobile as their primary channel in searching the webs, it won’t be long before you have to require your videos to be mobile-ready as well.

Mobile Videos On B2B Buying Process

In the B2B sector, mobile videos are something you should not ignore as well. Richard Robinson, a director from Google, has explained mobile video is changing the b2b buying process. From 29% of B2B buyers using mobile video in their buying process way back 2012, mobile video as a part of B2B buying process increased to as much as 70% in 2014.

It is also in the same study that it was revealed that 50% of B2B decision-makers spend 30 minutes on mobile video contents on average.

As these numbers continue to grow, it is safe to say that mobile video as becoming a vital factor in conversion.

How Do You Prepare Your Video To Mobile

Videos resonate differently with users depending on the channel they used. Here are three basic rules you can follow in creating your mobile video.

Keep It Short

The longer you video may take the lesser chances you have for conversion. Ideally, a mobile video should not be longer than 2 minutes to get higher engagement rates.

Likewise, as mobile users are more on the go, you have to send your message to your viewers on the first 60-90 seconds of your video so you can provide them with immediate answers to their queries.

Keep It Focused

In mobile videos, the shorter, the better. This is why you can’t just squeeze all important points you want to convey to consumers in a single 2-minute video.

In creating a mobile video, focus on one selling proposition that is tailored to meet the expectations of your users.

Follow The Three H For Video Content

In the same video by Richard Robinson, he has mentioned the three H of a great mobile video content strategy. These are;

The Hygiene Content

This is the type of video contents that educate the viewers. It focuses on providing users with answers to “how to” type of questions.

The Hero Content

This type of video content should inspire. This is the type of content that can change the way your audience view your product and services.


Great video content needs the right hub to deliver the video to various viewers. In choosing the hub for your mobile video, think of how the users can access your video not just once but on a repeated basis.

You should choose a channel that allows people to find you and get more information about your brand.

Mobile Videos Are Going Strong

No one can precisely tell where mobile videos are going but one is for sure, it will go somewhere to becoming one of the fundamental pillars of consumers buying process.

This is why there is no reason for you not to engage in mobile video. Optimizing your video for mobile consumption may seem to be very challenging tasks but it is a vital channel you should use to engage with your target marketing, provide solutions to their problems and answer their queries.

If you can create a mobile video which resonates with them and encourage them to act, the result will surely be worth all the struggles and hard work.

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