Level-Up Your Content Using These 5 SEO Strategies

You’ve probably read a similar blog about which content is better; or how to write more effectively to gain some audience. We already know the power of long-tail keywords, or that adding photos in blog posts made readers stick around a little longer – but maybe there’s a way that we could level things up? Perhaps a word of advice that’s more concrete and you can actually follow?

If there’s one thing SEO experts are good at, it’s developing strategies.

And here’s the top 6 that could help breathe new life into your content.

1. Boring Blogs

Blogs are wonderfully effective. They’re a great way to connect with your target audience; while giving value to your website. In fact, blogging has evolved from being a mere online diary to becoming a source of income, a marketing element, and an information hub. But with so many businesses tapping into blogging, how do you get noticed?

Level-Up! Strategy:
You know how videos are sweeping the world? Don’t just include videos or set-up a Youtube account. CONNECT your blog with your videos. For example: if you have a bakery business, why not create a baking tutorial channel (showing folks your Grandma’s secret dinner roll recipe); THEN linking them to your blog where you give away additional tips and tricks to make the bread tastier.

That way, people would need to visit your blog to get their hands on those ‘secret’ tips, which you didn’t provide in your video.

2. Un-Pinnable Photos

People love quotes – and beautiful pictures of food. A lot of folks keep an eye out for them when they scroll through their Facebook Feeds. Even better is when they find high quality photos they can instantly pin to their boards on Pinterest. It’s quick, effortless, and they get to continue what they were doing in half a second. Why not create photos that are not only gorgeous, but easily shareable?


Level-Up! Strategy:
Photos are versatile. Play them up using free online tools, such as Canva. They’re fast, come with a multitude of templates, and you can instantly download your images when you’re done. Add a filter, adjust the contrast, place a neat border, or type in some text. Afterwards, get the Pinterest widget to add the button to your website. That way, your pretty pictures can easily be shared across different platforms with just one simple click.

3. Elevating E-Books

One of the most well-loved free downladable content are e-books. They’re easy to make, and you can fill it with all sorts of tips ONLY available when a person gives you their email (through subscribing). As long as you make it worth their while, e-books are a great addition to any website. But in the B2B sector, they’re not selling like hotcakes. Is there a better way then?

Level-Up! Strategy:
According to Marketingprofs, white papers and case studies win hands down in the B2B industry. Why is that? Unlike social media content (that can easily go viral but are often too opinionated), white papers have authority because it’s based on RESULTS. So whether you’re selling flooring solutions or software upgrades, you want to know that your prospect has studied AND succeeded with their past clients.



Go ahead and pool your team together for an awesome case study. Remember: white papers are NOT typical e-books. It might take you months before you could produce a quality report – but it’s going to be worth it.

4. No Likes, No Tweets

We all know how powerful Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are. In fact, your business could be missing out if you don’t have an account yet on any of these social media giants. While you don’t need to be in every platform, picking two or three – and then focusing efforts on them – will yield valuable results. And since your online profile is that important, you want to make sure to only give your best foot forward. How?

Level-Up! Strategy:
People are social by nature. We thrive in connecting with others, and relating our experiences with them. If you’ve seen Progressive’s campaign model Flo, you know what I mean. In November of 2014, Progressive celebrated its 100th ad of the famous insurance girl. She’s no ordinary girl: she’s the face of an agency that’s up to their chins in competition. The main reason they’ve managed to rise above it is because so many people were able to relate with Flo. To them she’s not just a face on an ad – she’s a friend.

If you want to stand out, show your customers who you are (literally). Go ahead and put a face on your brand.


5. From Vintage To Viral

This brings us back to the first topic of adding videos to spice up blogs. Learning from the success of Vine, people adore videos that are: 1) short, 2) funny, and 3) based on ordinary scenarios. If you dissect vids that have gone viral, they’re not exactly ‘new’. They’re more or less ordinary things seen from a new light, OR stuff with a different twist (like putting butter in coffee – who knew?!). So before embedding that video, learn from the masters and go the extra mile.

Level-Up! Strategy:
Keep your videos between 2-3 minutes long. This is an ideal length for skits, ads, or just random ideas. Tutorials tend to be longer. This duration is ideal for just about anyone, not just for people with short attention spans. Make sure to have adequate lighting, avoid blurred shots, and remember to keep the camera from shaking.

Short skits (as seen from Buzzfeed Video and Elite Daily) are great for entertaining as well as informing people. Why not record real-life scenarios where your product or service is most useful?

Stay Open

When implementing these changes, expect some hate. Not in such a strong sense, but know that some people will not like what you have to offer. You may receive mean comments, thumbs down, or even raised eyebrows. Stay open and remain positive. Test and experiment. SEO specialists service are great at this. What matters is that you’re always aiming at change – as it’s the only thing that’s constant on the Web.

Have some thoughts? Contact our SEO Expert.

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