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Back then, everyone SEO expert will say that you need to target more keywords in order to grow your sales and generate more traffic. But, in this era, keyword isn’t something that people are up to. Right now, if something is appealing to the audience, there is a huge chance that they will get interested with it.

As stated in the recent article, “it is essential that your target audience is interacting with you through the number of shares your article gets. Pageviews and keywords are two important factors in content marketing but they are not as important as the engagement rate and audience.”

Know Your Buyers: Make Them Your Priority

Keywords will never be the first rule of marketing. Before you start creating your website and start selling it online, you need to know who is your buyer? If you could not answer this question, you might end up promoting your business to the wrong group of people. What if you will advertise your dresses to a community that only cares about entertainment or game set?

Bad Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are mentioned in the article entitled: “Power of Blog Unleashed”. These are the number of published articles, blog visitors, and email subscribers you do per month. In which leads to the primary KPI which is the number of sales and orders that your business must have per month.

Significance of Search Intent

Don’t ever start a business if you don’t know the people you are selling to. Through them, you were able to generate traffic and gain sales. Not just because of your keywords but because of the search intent. It was their intention to search for a general product and through that, they were able to find you.

According to Yoast, there are four types of search intent:

  • Informational intent
  • Navigational intent
  • Transactional intent
  • Commercial investigation

Knowing the reason why your audience is searching is vital. If you don’t know the words they are searching you might have been missing a little context there. Google has been updating its algorithm regularly. Obviously, targeting popular keywords is considered as a thing of the past. Now, it is more important that you have factored the search intent.

Keywords Won’t Exist Without Audience

If you don’t know your audience, you won’t definitely know what are the right keywords you should be using. Keywords are not the most important part of your marketing. Do you want to know what is? It must be your audience. Without them, you won’t be able to sell any of your products and services. You are generating traffic, yes but you don’t be getting any orders or sales.

For example, you will be creating a seat cover, however, there are no available chairs you can cover. In this analogy, the seat cover is the keyword and the chairs are your audience. No matter how many seats covers you’ve made, if you don’t have any chairs, you are only wasting your time and all that you created will be useless. Unless if you will look for those chairs.

One Keyword Per 200 Words

As stated in Word Stream, “if a web page consists of a single, 200-word paragraph, it should contain no more than one keyword”. It is now 2018, you need to know that too many keywords can hurt your Google ranking. This one keyword per 200 words rule is also applicable to your keywords which contains synonymous terms.

Limit But Never Forget the Importance of Keywords

No matter how it was stated that you need to lessen keywords, it could still affect the ranking if you won’t be using anything at all. As mentioned, in your 200-word paragraph, you still need to add one keyword. It simply means that no matter how much you need to focus on your audience, you also need to give importance to your keywords.

Balance the Strategies You Are Using

You don’t need to give all your focus on the audience alone. Maintaining the balance between the two factors will surely create a change. It is essential that you know and understands how do keywords work and not just on what it could give to your website. Keywords must be used sparingly. Listed below are the few places where you can make use of it.

  • Page title
  • Content URL
  • Meta title and description

By just the use of keywords, you won’t be able to build your audience. Using keywords correctly won’t create any negative effect to your ranking. You need to have the people get invested in your product. Don’t expect that those people will stay and be interested in your product. You need to have loyal audiences first to help you in promoting your business.

Want to know more about targeting your audience? Check Dlinkers for updates.

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