Google Penguin 3.0 Attack

For all spammers out there, Google will make it hard for you. Just last Friday (October 17, 2014), the most renowned search engine – Google – introduced its recent update, a year subsequent to its last update. As expected, there are changes and the guidelines became more precise and way stricter. Even though you embraced the previous guidelines to keep the engines love you, there’s still no guarantee that your site is already safe against the new update.

Looking Back from Penguin 2.1

Penguin monitors all link building strategies, particularly those who resort on paid links. The last update, prior to Penguin 3.0 is the Penguin 2.1. Why is it named 2.1 is to emphasize that it only delivers a minor damage. For the inflicted sites, a disavow tool is the best way to recover and get back the rankings you have worked hard for.

The Penguin 3.0 Update Attack

Now here’s Penguin 3.0. If you think logically, it would probably bring a substantial amount of pain in the butt as it jumped from 2.1 to 3.0. To think that 0.9 is an in-between value would perhaps tell that it caters a more severe damage. That’s one gruesome thing you should probably think about. And it’s a valid reason to consider as there is still no details on how this new update will affect the rankings.

Sorry for you…

For those who are markedly seeing improvements with their site’s traffic and ranking, it’s important to always keep your site protected, aside from taking the ‘white hat’ side of methodology. Always would mean constant monitoring because if you have done disavowing your bad links within the last three weeks, sorry for you, it was too late to escape from the update attack. You could have done that earlier so to keep your safety from the doom of losing your ranking on the page result.

Indirect penalty?

At one point, you might have lost your ranking right after the update was released. It is probably unfortunate, but in some cases, you might not have been directly impacted. Link ‘votes’ are properly analyzed by now. It means there are links in your link building strategy which didn’t pass the quality of Google’s algorithm are no longer counted as votes. In the latter, your ranking has decreased because the engine took those link votes from you, but it doesn’t involve imposing penalties due to disobedience. Consider them as fake votes. It’s not that you were automatically given a failing grade, instead you are deducted with points, you didn’t actually gain in the first place. This is called indirect penalty.

Significant Defense Against the Attack

Serious offenders will most likely acquire the greatest downfall from this update. For months, you might have been sticking to the rules, yet ended up getting outranked by your wily, disobedient competitors, but now, flash those confident smiles of yours because Google will surely defend you. But the question is, are you really the innocent one? Do your votes root from the ‘white hat’ side of SEO? Only you can tell that. If you deem to be victorious in your SEO campaign, then hire the most qualified SEO service provider, who will abide by all the guidelines and employ all effective strategies.

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