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The old myth that you can’t wear white after Labor Day has long been debunked – especially in SEO. White is a great color. It represents everything that is pure, chaste, and clean. That’s why women wear white during weddings, Spring picnics, and reunions. In SEO, wearing white shouldn’t just be observed before Labor Day – but all year round. After all, no one wants to be caught with a black hat nowadays.

Black Slims You Down – but So are Your Chances at Web Success

If you or an SEO agency you know is still using underhanded techniques such as cloaking, doorway pages, and private blog networks, then it’s time to STOP. Not only do these tactics hardly work anymore, but you also risk being penalized by search engines, like Google. For businesses looking for SEO companies: beware of firms that won’t disclose their strategies. Always ask for proof such as reports for previous clients. Have them guide you through their step-by-step plan on how to improve your website’s rankings. Otherwise, don’t waste your time talking with them.

Even though search engine optimization has evolved immensely over the past years, there are still some companies who try and pass off unethical black-hat tactics. In 2014 for example, a black-hat strategy known as ‘Parasite Hosting’ became prevalent. Basically, it’s a hacking technique wherein a ‘parasite’ website looking to gain more traffic will attach itself onto a high-ranking domain. The generated URL will look unnatural, particularly if the two businesses are in different industries (such as a hotel and Viagra, for instance).

Don’t be tempted by quick backlinks or promises of traffic in a matter of days – unless you’re talking about Buzzfeed. Although it’s not surprising to see people and websites making it big overnight, they made use of perfectly legitimate strategies like PR, quality content, and social media signals to get to where they are. Sure, black-hat techniques may give you instant progress – but these were never meant for long-term success.

Aim for sustainable results that go past going viral. Look to the future of quality, engaging SEO.

White Is ALWAYS In Fashion


If you’re a fashion-lover, you will know that people have been breaking the ‘No White After Labor Day’ rule for ages. Why? We can’t think of a bad reason not to wear white! It looks fresh, clean, and simple. In fact, experts recommend wearing this color during job interviews because it gives off a professional appeal. In search engine optimization, white is ALWAYS the way to go. Whether you are after better ROI or website conversion, white-hat SEO strategies will deliver benefits that will last long after the campaign is over.

One strategy that should be in your online marketing arsenal is quality content. Don’t just think in terms of blogs or articles. Expand your offering – and in turn, your audience – through videos, podcasts, infographics, slideshows, and whitepapers. There are all kinds of content today; so choose several that best suit the needs of your target market. Provide them something that contains valuable information and they will come back for more.

Don’t be afraid of modern search engine optimization. It might wear different colors – but most of it nowadays is white-hat. Thanks to Google’s efforts to eradicate firms that take advantage of still existing black-hat techniques, the Web is almost free of black schemes. Almost.

If you have been a victim of unethical digital marketing practices, get in touch with your local SEO services to help resolve your issue. In the meantime, raise your white hats because it’s Labor Day.

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