IoT helps local businesses

With the growth of AI in modern technology, it may seem that IoT has long been a part of the “not so long ago” past.

However, artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. There are no concrete ideas yet on how it can boost growth for the local businesses. On the other hand, IoT is something we could assume have matured and now is in its most focal point.

We could no longer deny the fact that the data provided by connected devices is something that most businesses could take advantage of.

I personally believe that with the right approach and proper planning, IoT is not a yesterday’s news as what others may perceive. The Internet of Things could be a strong medium for small local businesses to compete with big players.

How is that so? Read this article to find out how IoT can help small-medium businesses.

Proximity Is To Your Advantage

Long before there is IoT technology, it was very difficult for small players to compete with large business. Whether we like it or not, most people will trust famous businesses over startup players for their various needs.

Luckily, with the IoT, the proximity of businesses to the consumers has more value. A GPS connected device now provides location data for tracking users that is more accurate than before. This new technology can direct consumers to your business if your information is fully optimized and complete.

For example, if a user’s refrigerator has run out of milk, it can notify the user who is just a few blocks away from you that there is a convenience store just two blocks ahead that sells milk.

In IoT technology, proximity is on your side. You just need to figure out how you will translate it into local marketing. With this, you can get the best chance of showing up in search results when the devices start searching.

Customer Data Gets Accessible

Access to customer data had been the limitation of small businesses before. Valuable customer data have been very limited to big businesses that are willing to make an investment to have these data. Even when Facebook and other social media channels are readily available, people are still skeptical about placing their information to these media.

But with IoT, people are now more confident in sharing their information. IoT has overcome this limitation by providing products or services that are valuable. Customers are willing to share their information. This in exchange for convenience and to maximize the use of these IoT devices.

This is an unlock opportunity for small players. Although these businesses have no direct access customer data, they will be able to connect their services to customer needs by being available in search whenever devices search.

More valuable insights regarding real-world offline behavior are also made possible. The IoT devices can collect and measure data. It can then be translated into trends and predictions about user’s intent.

Their habits and preferences accumulated together can reveal trends and statistics. They can be used by small business in creating well-targeted marketing strategies.

Boost In Search Ads and More Relevant Targeting

With the Internet of Things, small business no longer has to invest in gathering a lot of leads to get more chances of sales conversion. IoT provides businesses another opportunity to for local businesses to increase conversion without generation too many leads.

IoT boosts search ads and improves targeting making conversion possible. With the use of multiple-GPS connected devices by one person, data can be relayed from one device to another. This will make search ads and targeting more effective.

For example, if your pet wears a wearable IoT device for proper diet, this can send out a notification to your phone that you are about to run out of pet food.  Then, your car will know that there is a pet store nearby your current location which you can swing quickly. You will also get a notification on your phone about this great deal on their pet items if there’s a special deal in that store,

Location-triggered deals are also perfect examples. If your business is in different locations and you have an exclusive deal in one specific location, an IoT Device can detect the need for the product you sell.

Then it can send out notifications to user’s phone and his GPS-enabled car will lead him to your nearby store. The exclusive deal will then automatically be triggered and slash out from customer’s credit card when he pays.

Connectivity will be the key player in search ads and targeting. If your business is fully-equipped with local optimization to get in search, there is no reason for you not to show up in the search results of IoT devices.

Go Back To Your Basics

No matter how promising these technologies are for the local businesses. It will never be possible without consistency from the businesses itself.

Just because the Internet of Things has provided your business with a new opportunity to exploit the modern local market, it doesn’t mean that your job ends there. It still all boils down to how well you perform your digital marketing efforts.

Make sure to create traction through quality content. Make sure your online presence has a strong foundation. Optimize through voice searches and build a strong social media presence. Optimize consistently your website and market your local business through updated reviews and citations.

As a small business, the new technology will not intuit to reach out to you. You have to adjust your marketing efforts to utilize them. Face the challenges of the new technology with a fully-equipped online presence. So when the time comes that these technologies are on the roll, you are already a step ahead of the competition.

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