An average YouTuber can earn $1 per 1000 views excluding the views per ad placed in an output.

So if you are Wil Dasovich, you can earn as much as $300K per year, you get to travel for free, and be a superstar. Of course, you have to be as good as him with creating your content.

I am not a vlogger neither do I plan to vlog. I watch vlogs because I find the lives of other people interesting. I am also amazed by how vloggers grew a huge amount of subscribers.

In this articles, you will learn advises and tips from an observer who saw how people grow in YouTube.

So how does an aspiring vlogger start?

In the Philippines, vloggers like Lloyd Cafe Cadena, Wil Dasovich, Michelle Dy, Ja Mill, AnneClutz, and CongTV proved us how YouTube helped them to become effective influencers.

Their contents talk about makeup, life hacks, travels, daily living, and plain comedy. One of the topics subscribers look forward to is the Question and Answer video by these vloggers.

Seems easy. The vlogger sets up his/her camera and faces it by answering the questions sent to him/her by the subscribers.

I have watched a lot of Q and A videos and one of the leading questions reads, “What pushed you to start vlogging?”

In the Philippine context, it is normal to hear advises like “when you think about vlogging, do it now.” Here, Filipinos are being optimistic human beings.

Cliche as it may sound, but yes, it is true that when you think about doing something you want to do, do it now. Start using your camera’s phone and vlog like how your favourite vloggers do.

What if I do not get the right amount of subscribers right away like other new YouTubers?

As the saying goes, “the grass is greener where you water it.”

Sometimes, we tend to compare our progress with other people. We are too busy thinking about how to outshine our competitors. We are losing control with our own development. We are not looking for ways to get the things and qualities we still lack of.

For example, Wil Dasovich started vlogging in 2014 and now has 1.8M subscribers. While AnneClutz started vlogging in 2013, she has half a million subscribers. Both are very famous vloggers. What is wrong here?

Nothing. Both personalities are famous content creators.

AnneClutz’s vlogs gets the young mothers and women while Wil’s vlogs gets the widest social media users – the youth. Which means, both are appealing, only that Wil gets the majority.

Besides, being a YouTuber is not a race. It is always at your own pace. You have to start from scratch and, well, end up in scratch if you keep comparing your progress with other people.

What if I am already a vlogger for months and my subscriber-count is sill on a stagnant growth?

Stop thinking about growing your channel. Start working on your self-fulfilment and everything else will follow.

Beautiful things start to flourish if we fill our passion on it. It is like loving paperworks and not minding when will the clock hit 5 PM so you could go home.

Vlog even if it means 5 months and still having 0 views and 0 subscribers.

Also, looking for YouTubers to be inspirations for your content helps a lot. Get ideas and learn how to boost your audience-engagement. You may also want to visit sites that will teach you how to use Facebook for Social Media Marketing.

Also, do not bother about your age, not all flourishing vloggers are from the youth sector. Actually, majority of the vloggers I am interested to have updates from are mothers.

Mom vloggers like Via Austria, Maphyducky05, Nina Rayos, and purplehereiss have been growing their channels through their contents. They make so much relevance to the basic structure of a Filipino family.

Easy right? You make content that people can relate with. Later on, gaining subscribers and growing your own channel is not a problem anymore.

You do not only get into YouTube to make money, you get into it to influence the digital platform.


Once you get to establish your channel, it is important to stick to your own branding.

You may start creating a content that makes your audience tell that it is yours.

An example of branding is becoming a local traveller here in the Philippines. Or becoming a traveller in general, or a routine vlogger. It is all up to you.

Make your videos stand out. Create logos, intro jingles, and catchy thumbnails.

If you already know what you want, grow your channel through Best Video Practices to enhance your SEO.

So what is the gist?

You do not need to be good at videography and online marketing to become a YouTube influencer.

Although you still need these technicalities, a genuine content is enough to attract. It is a necessity to get closer to your audience.

Get to know who your target audience are, mothers? teenagers? travellers? or the vast majority? What do they want to learn and see from you?

Get closer to them, talk to your neighbours, your friends, and find out what they have in common. Use that as a startup on your videos.

Give your channel enough patience, too. You may get very disappointed with its growth but never stop engaging.

Your way of influencing may not be in-demand today but never let that stop you. What are you waiting for? People are waiting for your vlog.

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