Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is right around the corner. Our Chinese fellowmen, composing 18.54% of the world’s population, are celebrating the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar. Just like how non-Chinese people celebrate the New Year at the stroke of 12 am on January 1, they also welcome the new year with a bang.

The Chinese welcome the New Year by letting go of the past, encourage luck, and getting rid of bad luck. Why not apply it as well on your digital marketing?

In the year of the Earth Dog, here are some fortunes for you to make your site lucky this 2018.

“Embark Your Business Venture Through Mobile”

Mobile version of sites is becoming more and more significant with each day. If you think that with so many celebrations happening, people tend to lessen their expenses. However, that may not be the case this year and for further years to come.

Through the years holidays gives businesses more chances to increase their revenue. And Chinese New Year is one of those significant holidays that you can count on to get your businesses back on track.

Utilizing mobile to encourage sales conversion for the Year of the Earth Dog is one way to start off the right foot for the new year. Be sure that you optimize and improve your mobile website to make it easy for your shoppers to use your site. Avoid committing mistakes that might turn them off.

“A Future for Limited Edition Products”

Have you ever experienced seeing a store that is having a flash sale for one day only? Or maybe a business offering to sell one of their products for the first few dozen people only? What do you feel? You feel the need to get one since it may only be a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to avail such a product, right?

Sometimes most brands offer limited edition products to boost their sales. Limited edition products are useful in creating hype and buzz that makes people want to get to your product before it goes out.

This is happening, more often than not, during holidays. Chinese New Year is no different from those holidays. Therefore, celebrate the year with limited edition products that your buyers which symbolizes the Year of the Earth Dog.

“Be Broad-Minded and Social Media Active”

In the past, businesses during Chinese New Year had to go out and rely on marketing their wares through busy cities and streets, hoping of attracting customers for the holidays. Today, they won’t have to get out of their homes. Yet they still get to reach out to a lot of people. How is this possible? Social media.

Social media has become one of the marketing strategies that business owners and marketers employ in their schemes. By applying social media to engage with an audience, they will be able to foster relationships that can help the process of conversion faster.

There are many types of social media platforms out there and all cater to different kinds of people. Remember, when aiming to get a bigger and broader reach of your target audience, you have to use the perfect social media platforms. If your business is formal and professional, reach out to LinkedIn, if you cater to teens, Instagram and so on.

“Encourage Unity of Tradition and Technology”

Chinese tradition is not only exclusive to Chinese people. Other nationalities can also try and join in with Chinese cultures and traditions during Chinese New Year. Tradition is deeply engraved in every one of us, however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t unite and improve culture with technology.

One of the best ways to improve your marketing strategy is to combined what is already there and enhance it further. A perfect example of this type of marketing is the implementation of Hong Bao with technology. Hong Bao or red envelopes are the famous Chinese New Year favor that everyone can take part of.

You can offer a Hong Bao sharing for the Chinese New Year as a promotion that relates to your product. It can either be from your business app or a freebie whenever they check out and more. Like limited edition products for the celebration, incorporating tradition makes it more meaningful and into the Chinese New Year spirit.

“Enter Their Lives with Blessings to Share”

Don’t just encourage your customers to share and give to their fellowmen. You should also set an example and improve your relationship with them through small gifts and tokens for the holiday. Set aside some budget and invest in collaterals for your customers and business partners.

There are many things that you can give to them for Chinese New Year. You can give out Hong Bao’s, mandarins, lunar calendars with your company name, and maybe small Year of the Dog tokens whenever a customer buys from your online shop. If you have a brick-and-mortar shop, you can give them a gift certificate that they can redeem at your offline store.

You can also make a small gift basket with all of those in it to give to your business partners. This is a great way to enhance your relationship with your customers and partners alike. Not only that, they will also be hard to trash since they can also use the items in their homes such as the calendars.

“In the Eyes of Shoppers, All Should Be Beautiful”

Don’t underestimate the power of visuals. In the midst of color and texture during Chinese New Year, make your business reflect the festivities that promote luck and prosperity. Incorporating the lucky colors for the Year of the Dog in your shop will attract not only customers but the much sought-after success.

However, you have to make sure that it complements your brand colors. If not, the classic Chinese New Year colors such as gold and red as accents won’t let you down. Don’t take colors lightly, know that color combination can make or break your brand.

Think outside the box when doing so. Furthermore, by showing that you are incorporating holiday colors in your business, this shows that you are up-to-date with the happenings around the world. That’s brownie and points for you compared to other companies who are not updating for celebrations.

May the Fortune of the Earth Dog Be with You

However, don’t take all of these predictions very seriously. No matter how people “predicted” what your fortune will be based on the year, the stars or the color, one thing is clear. It all starts with you. Even if you are from unlucky this year based on your birth year, whether you are an SEO Expert or not, you can still succeed.

Let these predictions and fortunes of the year be your guide to become the best of what you can do for the success of your business and life.

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