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How to Find and Get Bloggers to Promote Your Product

How to Find and Get Bloggers to Promote Your Product

Online world is definitely a huge place with a lot of competitors. You need to get a hold of a popular celebrity just to promote your product. However, this scenario is a thing of the past. Now, people are more educated, they know better and have tons of sources in knowing if your product is effective or not. What do you need to do next? Find and get bloggers.

Being genuine is the key. Nowadays, consumer trust people closer to their social status. How can they even believe a person to have flawless skin with using a beauty soap when in fact that person has a monthly or even weekly visit to her dermatologist? Most of the people prefer someone who is relatable to them. And, this is what you need to look for in finding bloggers.

There are a lot of things you need to know how to find and get bloggers. However, this list will show you a more effective way to get a blogger or influencer that will genuinely showcase what your product has.

Use tools to search for relevant blogs

If you are in the process to find bloggers, it’s vital that their niche is close to your target clients. You don’t need to consider their subscribers. You must take note of the content they could deliver to the specific audience for your product. If you will tap a fashion blogger and offer her to write about your roofing company, do you think that blogger would even say yes? It depends.

Even if the fashion blogger approved in featuring your product if her audience is not interested in it, you are spending your money in the wrong way. Remember, her subscribers are there because they want to be updated with fashion and not about how to fix the roof. Followings should not be your main priority. You must find bloggers who write topic close to your product.
Blogger Outreach Tools

List of Blogger Outreach Tools

  • BuzzSumo
  • Google Alerts
  • Ahrefs
  • BirdSong Analytics
  • MyBlogU
  • Ninja Outreach

For example, you are a fashion designer and you want a blogger to feature your brand. Using one of the websites above, you may able to search for the one close to your target audience.

First step: In Ahrefs, type the keywords you are searching. For example, you can look for the keyword, “fashion bloggers”.

fashion bloggerresult
Second step: Scroll down until you get into SERP.

ahrefs result

serp overview fashion

As you noticed, under The Fashion Spot, you will see articles about the list of bloggers. This part is like hitting more than two birds with one stone. You may ask how. Here are the ways you can find and get bloggers.

First: The website editor itself and author of the article


Second: The bloggers featured in the article

tehfashionpost1 fashionspot1


However, the first two ways are a bit difficult to pitch since they are well established in the media world. Still, there is no harm in trying to reach out to them. Though they may not be bloggers since it’s a general blog and not a personal one, you can still build links there and the great thing about this one is that they have a lot of audience that are close to your target.

Consider blogger with highly engaged audience

If you were able to read the past articles published here, you may be able to stumble upon the article about audience and engagement rate as the real duo. Which is true enough due to the reason that how can you let a person promote your product on social media but she only have few followers? However, there’s a rebut for this situation. It shouldn’t just be about the followers.

How can a person with a few followers help you to gain more sales? It is not about the number of followers. It is about the rapport they built with their followers. Think of it this way, if a person you haven’t talk to start to introduce you a product, would you fall for it? Most likely, you won’t but if it’s a person you have known personally, there is a chance you will take their suggestion.

From the article, “15 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers With Serious Personal Style”, you can click any blogger you want and copy their URL then paste it on Ahrefs.



As you can see, P.S It’s Fashion blog owned by Liz Black, with the domain authority of 45 have good data and a great target blogger you can contact to promote your product or your fashion line.

serp overview fashion


Research and know more about the bloggers

In case you want to find and get bloggers to promote your new item, you need to make them feel you have known them for a long time. Not to sound toxic in any sense but it is important that you have a little knowledge about them. Once you have an idea about who they are, you may be able to determine a good way to keep in touch with them.

Knowing their tone can help you in reaching out to them. For example, if they are too formal, you must pitch to them formally. You must first need to build a solid relationship with them. If they have social media accounts, you can follow them. Be active in their blog posts by sharing their content and sending in your comments and questions about it.

Since Liz Black is the target blogger in the example. To be able to know them better is to know if they have a social media account. In the case of Liz, she wasn’t able to include her social media sites. However, since everything is possible with Google, you may be able to find her social media accounts through searching the keywords needed such as her full name, blog name, and social media account you want to know, if you want to know what she’s up to lately.

google search liz

After you hit the search button, you can finally have an access in her Twitter account.


You may ask, of all the social media accounts out there, why Twitter? It is simply because people are more active on Twitter and you can see realer people on that social media site since they are free from judgments. And, if you will going to scan her account, you will see that she’s not just into fashion but she’s also an advocate when it comes to loving yourself and your shape.

Think as if you are the blogger you are looking

you are the blogger you are looking

How would you feel if one marketer suddenly sent you goods and directly told you to publish an article about it? You will definitely feel disrespected. They didn’t give you the time to use the product and commanded you to write a good blog about them. You might think that they are out of their minds. Well, honestly they are.


So, if you want to send sample products to your target bloggers, you need to give them some heads up. For example, you saw a tweet about their needs and luckily those are the products you are selling. You can grab that opportunity to suggest your product.

If you were able to get a reply from them asking where they could buy it, take that chance to say you are willing to send them some products they may want to try. Through this kind of gesture, you may be able to establish a good relationship with them.

Attend local events made for bloggers

made for bloggers

Aside from looking online, it is also essential that you know other places where you can go other than searching online. Every year, there will always be an event for bloggers. If you are invited, consider yourself lucky. If not, you can send in emails to the production if they could consider your attendance. Don’t be a party crasher since it can affect your brand.

Which is which: Blogger or Influencer

Before you go online or attend events, there is one thing you need to know. Do you know the difference between bloggers and influencers? Influencers are people who only promote your product on social media sites. Bloggers, on the other hand, has a blog in which can generate traffic that could convert sales to your business.

Build a strong and loyal relationship with the bloggers you are working with. It is not about the number of followers of the bloggers. Rather, it is about the trust demographic of the influencer or blogger you can get to promote your product. As stated on above, it is not only about who is popular, you need to give importance to how people perceive the blogger you keep involved with your product.

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