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Building backlinks is not just what you need to do to rank high in Google or to outrank your competitors. Yout blog content need to have 80% natural backlinks and 20% manual backlinks. However, if you are not a well-established website, it is the other way around. You don’t need to worry about that because everyone went on that stage and all you need is to work hard.

Luckily, there are best link strategies you can do for your blog, Which will help you to become effective in building backlinks to the blog content. These strategies will help you in creating a huge number of backlinks that will lead to generating traffics that helps you to be a part of top-ranking pages.

Techniques You Can Do to Build Quality Backlinks

Most likely, you are just starting out which is the reason why you are here. You won’t get disappointed because you will know the tactics of getting the backlinks manually. According to Ahrefs, here are the strategies you must need to know.

Not deprecating leaving comments

Being able to make a comment in the different platform can be a good in building links. As you noticed, there is no specific medium you can use. It was not even stated that you specifically must post on blogs. Aside from blogs, you can still leave your comments on niche forums and communities, Q&A sites, and in YouTube videos.

Commenting on sites such as online communities and forums can be difficult. For the reason that you might get banned and will no longer be allowed to leave a comment. Popular communities can be sometimes strict in terms of spam. Also, you need to be aware of the nofollow links since it can affect the SEO value of your blog content.

Even though you weren’t able to get your main purpose, there is still a side benefit for leaving a comment in a nofollow link. As stated in the past articles about content marketing, the audience is the most important factor you need to have. Comments might not lead to ranking high in Google but it could surely help you in reaching out to other people.

Getting ideas from your competitor’s backlinks

Recording down the backlinks your competitors have might take ages before you can completely come up with a full list. Do you know who are your competitors? If not yet, you can follow this exercise to know who is your competitors when it comes to backlinks.

First step: Go to Ahrefs and paste your website URL.

Second step: Choose the competing domains option.

Third step: Look for the website that has a fair amount of overlapping keywords you are targeting.

In this case, you may be able to see that Blog Hands has a just quantity of keywords used.

If you will going to go to overview Blog Hands, you will see that there are over a thousand of backlinks used. That is too much right? 100 backlinks can even take a lot of time, what more thousands of backlinks?

Since it will be hard for you to work on this, here are the techniques you can use to get the quality that your blog content needs not just of what you want as a marketer.

Know the people who are engaged in their blogs

Continue with the use of Blog Hands as an example. Below are the steps you may be able to find the enthusiast of your competitor. Click the referring domain option. Once you are there, you can now click the further options which consist of: all, dofollow, redirect, governmental, educational, and nofollow. Sort the results by the number of dofollow by choosing the dofollow in the choices.

As you noticed in the photo below, the number of backlinks have lessen to 112 results which is lesser from the one searched earlier which is 225 results. Why do you think this thing happen? It is because we clicked the the dofollow option.

Based on the results given by the referring domain, you can choose at least five websites with a big domain rating. After citing the five links, you can go to link intersect to show you who are linking to the targets you have listed.

From 112 results, you get to have 5 domains after several filtrations.

Next thing you need to do is to make a list of the blogs made by your competitor. You can lessen it up to five articles like what you did on the websites. Insert the link of your website to filter the results that doesn’t include the sites you have been linked to.

Based on the results, out of the 225 results, you get to have 117 domains that are not linking to the entered website. These sites can be made as a good websites to connect to that will give you a huge chance to be also featured to their blog.

Writing a Quality Guest Blog Content

Now that you finally know the sites where you can be featured, it’s now time to know the guest blogging sites. This kind of technique is the one you are familiar with but you should not forget the right tactic in order to be posted on the website where you sent the blog. Never write a content that is weak enough to get rejected by the editors of the blog.

Guest blogging has challenges you need to overcome. Two of them is having enough blogs you can send a guest post and writing a quality blog content for a little time. These challenges are never-ending, if you don’t know how to handle these, you might end up failing in your content marketing.

How to find blogs to write for?

Using Ahrefs, enter the topic you want. For example, you want to find blogs that cater the topic “link building”. You can enter it on the content explorer to be able to find the relevant website for your niche.

Notice how hundred thousands of results quickly turned into just 5,652 results. That is because the “one article per domain” box was checked, domain rating was lessen from 30-50, and the language used was made available only in English. You can see the changes from the data below.

You can play with the different set of keywords to be able to come up with a lot of guest posting sites you can choose. If there are 365 days in a year and you only work 5 days a week. 5, 652 guest posting sites are more than enough for you. If you will going to enter new keywords, that number will either increase or decrease in number.

What if you are not sure if the blogs allow guest post?

You can directly email the editor if they have an email account. If not, see if they have any social media accounts. If you will compare emails than direct messages on social media, you will know that editors reply faster in those platforms than just simply sending an email

Acquiring better results faster

If you think it will be hard for you to get the approval of the editor, don’t let that stop you. There are a lot of ways you can get the opportunity to post a blog on the website where you sent your blog pitches. An editor has a lot of guest post blogger who is waiting for his reply. For you, the only way you can catch their attention was to send a lot of guest post pitches.

In order to effectively caught what the editor like, you must send them not just one topic. Not only on the topics but also to the websites where you will be sending the ideas. You need to do this in order for you not to wait for a reply that won’t happen. It is much better to have multiple approvals than nothing at all.

Hack to Leave a Link in Guest Post

Ahrefs has given hacks on how to be able to leave a link to the post you are writing. One of the interesting hacks that wasn’t that popular enough is to link another guest post to your current post. Some may think that it won’t be generating traffic, actually, it could. If those links have keywords you want to rank with, you are giving a new life to the old article you’ve linked with.

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