My Good News about Guest Post

My Good News about Guest Post

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Way back last year we have read the “decay and fall” of guest blogging for SEO, it was actually coming from Matt Cutts, wherein he added that it was time to stick a fork on it:

stick a fork on it

If you try to understand it fully actually it was just the end of guest blogging as a spammy linkbuilding strategy because guest posting is not about building links it sharing and connecting to other communities. It is not simply dead, Google is simply raising the quality of it and there are lots of reasons actually why it’s not yet dead.

Therefore we have to consider the following:

My Perception about Guest Post

First to Guest Post is to share relevant and valuable information to niche sites or blogs. It is one way of spreading the ideas, knowledge and experiences of an author in his chosen field. It is truly a great self-fulfillment if your post has been accepted and seen shared by others. Even me I am fond of guest blogging because I wanted to share my ideas and the information that I gathered, and that is why I take guest posting as a challenge, I want to prove that it is all about sharing ideas , knowledge, experiences and expertise. I was asked actually recently if what’s my motivation for the guest posts?

guest post motivation

The Good News : SEOExpertPage Blog is Open for Guest Post 🙂

I’m into Guest Posting, if and only if you wanted to share relevant and juicy information. I am also against guest posting just to gain links. It should be about the quality of the posts. So, I personally invite all bloggers out there who are interested in sharing all about digital marketing, from SEO, SEM, PPC, Adsense, Adwords, Email Marketing, CRO, CRM, user experience, split testing, social media, web design and development to share a valuable blog posts for Dlinkers Blog. I wanted to have an occasional blogger here, because as I have said:

We all have different perspective and we present it differently and I am excited to see it.

And here are the rules:

Just what Neil Patel have shared before, there’s a need to follow set of rules before accepting a guest post. And below are the standards I have set for my blog:

1. Get started with pitching your ideas at algomez[at]seoexpertpage[dot]com having a subject “Want to Contribute at SEOExpertPage” and please give at least a sentence of your reason why you wanted to share about it and please include your previous guest post articles, I personally love to read it and it is one way of checking if you’re a real author. 🙂 You will get an immediate reply if I am curious about your topic.

2. Share only topics related to Digital marketing, I personally like if you are going to share case studies or your personal experiences, we would love to read and learn from it.

3. Be sure that it is unique and a 100% original that’s the reason why we encourage you to add your personal touch base on your experience or own research.

4. We would love to see Guest Posts that are having creative titles.

5. Write at least 1500 words. I personally love to read your artistry in terms of details and creative in arranging your content.

6. It is essential that your data or claims must be cited with proper reference through providing a link, we would love also to see if your using some journals or from researches.

7. A minimum of 4 relevant links is required within the posts.

8. Be sure to include relevant and legal photos, we would love also to see if you have created it personally. Maximum width for an image is 600px.

I personally open my site for guest post because I want it also to be an avenue where you can share and learn from it. Making it also a community where we can exchange ideas and be able to share your expertise. I want also to share the power of guest blogging that it not about gaining links, it all about getting connections and a lot more. And we will personally love to share it on our social media hub.

If you still have questions about the rules, don’t forget to drop your comments below.