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How to Grow Your Firm with SEO for Lawyers

How to Grow Your Firm with SEO for Lawyers

In every business and every niche, competition is inevitable. Especially for lawyers.

As marketing migrates from the physical world to the virtual world, promoting your business and practice is still a must online as it was offline.

How the Online World Changed Legal Marketing

Admit it. Everyone needs marketing. Without marketing, no one will be able to know that your business is existing.

Legal marketing is just as active online as it was in the offline world before internet and technology appeared.

Research shows that 70% of law cases generate with the help of having a website. 31% of legal-related queries are from mobiles devices. And 1/3 of legal customers look for a lawyer using online content such as blogging, ebooks, and webinars.

This goes to show that the internet is an excellent place for you to market your practice. However, it is also more competitive than usual. It is recommended to up your marketing strategy.

The good news is, digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to gain advertisement. However, there are digital advertisements that can also cost you more than you can save.

The bad news is that most lawyers are not informed about the various and sometimes challenging ways to improve the rankings of their website on the internet.

Everything doesn’t have to be hard and complicated when optimizing your website. Here are some tips on Search Engine Optimization or SEO for lawyers.

Go for Mobile-Friendliness


It may come to your attention that the use of mobile internet continues to grow with each passing day.

According to Statista, as of February 2017, mobile internet users are responsible for 49.6% of web activity happening all over the world. Due to the ever-growing numbers of mobile internet users, Google announces the imminent implementation of Mobile-First Indexing.

This states that Google is considering mobile websites to be the real website. How your mobile website performs will be equivalent to how you will rank in the search.

You can check if your site is mobile-friendly by using Google’s tool. Even if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google provides an analysis report on what you will do to fix it.

Target Local Keywords

The internet is full of information, businesses, and services. As mentioned, it is very competitive.

In order to become successful worldwide, one always has to start small. Therefore, it is ideal to be targeting your immediate localization.

As the users of mobile device grow, so is the demand for local services. Mobile search is equivalent to local searches. Therefore, by targeting local keywords such as “name of business” + “place”, you increase your chances to be able to top the local searches.

It is ideal to be able to search for keywords that are mostly used by searchers. You can try and check those out by using keyword planners such as Adwords and Ahrefs.

Update Information in Online Directories


Online directories such as Yelp and Trip Advisor are the online version of Yellow Pages.

It is essential for you to be able to update and make your information consistent in these directories. If some of your information becomes inconsistent, it will confuse the search engine and will treat it as spam.

Additionally, if your information is outdated, people will believe that you are inactive or that you are out of business. A prominent online presence in online business listings is vital to let people know you are ready for business.

Despite knowing that the internet is crammed with a lot of information, people still trust what other people are saying in reviews. Social engagement with the people who review you is crucial as well.

Optimize Your Contents

It is not a secret that contents on your website are one way to empower your rankings. By making content such as blogs, you get to share your expertise and convince people that you are the one for the job. It also builds a community of loyal customers as well as trust.

SEO is not only about managing and optimizing your keywords. One of the main factors that affect your ranking is dwell time, bounce rate and backlinks.

Create Quality and Relevant Content

Bounce rate is where visitors get to visit your site but then leaves. Dwell time is the time on how long the visitor stayed on your site before leaving.

These two factors can be fixed with quality and relevant contents. Lower bounce rate and increase your dwell time by presenting interesting posts. Apply images and videos to your post to boost your dwell time and create compelling content to ensure your visitor’s stay.

Moreover, backlinks in your content can also help with your ranking. Before, the more backlinks, the better. However, time’s changed.

As search engines become smarter, they are after relevant links in your post. If you have plenty of quality links but doesn’t seem to be relevant to your niche or topic, that may be considered as spam. Be careful with the backlinks that you have or you’ll get penalized.

Promote the Use of Simple Words

Being a lawyer doesn’t have to require that your posts and content should be written filled with legal jargon.

Since it’s the internet and can be accessed by anyone, remember that not all your visitors have a degree in law. Some of them can even be teenagers.

Too much jargon and lawyer talk can be off-putting and be intimidating for the reader which can result in them leaving. By utilizing simple language and words that can be easily understood, you will be able to tell your visitors what you do.

However, you can insert legal talk as long as you translate or describe it in simple words for easy understanding. How you write your content can also affect bounce rate and dwell time.

In Summary

Although some SEO techniques can be applied on your own, bear in mind that SEO needs to consistent and updated.

Remember that SEO not only focuses on optimizing keywords and acquiring backlinks for your ranking. Once upon a time, that was the case, but with the Google updates, the story dramatically changed.

Different factors can affect your ranking such as optimizing your mobile usability, social media, content, meta title and more. Optimizing your SEO is never free even if you do it yourself. It requires time and effort.

Hiring a good SEO team makes you one step ahead of your competitors. The service may not be free but it is considered to be cost-effective compared to other marketing strategies. Although some businesses thrive under a different marketing strategy, SEO is still a classic method to improve your business ranking.

If you are still wondering why you need to rank high in the SERPs or Search Engine Results Page, keep this in mind. A high rank in SERPs = high exposure = more customer. For high ranking sites are those sites that Google deems to be the best answer for such query.

Search engines keep updating and changing to improve their services and providing the best results for inquirers. Increase your chances to be that answer for those inquirers with SEO for lawyers.

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