The day where the implementation of Mobile-First Indexing grows near with each passing day. By now, you’ve seen tons of articles about the importance of optimizing your mobile web’s speed.

As a matter of fact, it has been a prominent SEO trend long before Google announced the Mobile-First Indexing in 2016. The growing users of mobile surfers just sealed the deal about the vital role of the mobile internet in business.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that the internet is filled with information, How-to’s, Tips and Tricks for improving your website’s speed on mobile devices.

One of the most helpful ways that one can achieve to improving their mobile site’s speed is the use of tools. And Google is one of the providers of those useful tools.

PageSpeed Insights Gets an Update

Recently, Google announces their new update: Real World PageSpeed Insights.

The PageSpeed Insight or PSI presents valuable information about how well your website performs regarding the speed of page loads. However, this is not just your regular page speed tool. The new update enables the tool to monitor and show you the speed of your page loads using real user data.

Using user data collected from the Chrome User Experience Report to create better suggestions to help you improve web optimization.

How Does it Work and What’s New?

Just like any other Google tool, PageSpeed Insights is pretty easy to use. Just input the URL of the webpage that you wanted to analyze and let the tool do its job.

The way it analyzed the page was quicker compared to the other tools. After a quick wait, you will be able to see the results rendered.


Your Speed and Optimization are graded according to how your page performed. The details are shown on the Page Load Distributions section.

The Speed Score Grading

Speed score is categorized as Fast, Average or Slow. Chrome User Experience Report feed the average value of two metrics that will be the basis of the grading system. They are the First Contentful Paint and the DOM Content Loaded.

First Contentful Paint is the moment when a user experiences any content being rendered or loaded on the page that they are waiting for. This can be a text or image. This usually prompts an “Is it happening?” experience.

DOM Content Loaded refers to the moment when the page is fully loaded and parsed.

How it Gives Optimization Score

The Optimization score, on the other hand, is categorized as Good, Medium or Low. Its headroom performance estimates its results.

Based on this calculation, it assumes that a webmaster will want to keep the functionality and the appearance of a page consistent.

The results of the two metrics presented in the Page Load Distributions are dispersed in data sets. They are categorized as Fast or top third, Average or middle third, and Slow or bottom third. This is garnered from the average values of data in the Chrome User Experience Report.

Therefore, if your metrics amount to the top third of their category, your page is considered to have fast performance.

New Update, New Features!

Moreover, the new tool features an Optimization Suggestions where it gives you a list of best practices that will be able to help you improve the score of your website.

If you already have an excellent performing page, the suggestions will be hidden by default. However, you can always check it out with the dropdown Show Optimizations.

Additionally, Page Stats can go hand in hand with the optimization suggestions. This section describes the required round trips when loading the page’s render-blocking resources, the total bytes used by the page, and comparing it to the average number of round trips and bytes.

The Page Stats can help indicate if and when the page can be optimized further if the webmaster modifies and adjust the functionality and appearance of the page.

However, not all the pages that you have complete data. Some may have unavailable data such as this example of one of Dlinkers pages:

This shows that the page doesn’t have enough data from the Chrome User Experience Report for the tool to weigh and analyze. With incomplete data, the tool leaves a category ungraded. However, it can still examine and estimate potential optimizations.

The only caveat of the tool is that it only gathers data using Chrome. Therefore, data from users that use other web browsers are not collected. How your page fares, when searched from different web browsers, won’t be known.

Overall, Google’s new update for their PageSpeed Insights is a valuable tool. It also offers insights on both mobile and desktop. This makes it easier for webmasters to analyze the performance of their page on both platforms.

In Summation

Sometimes, when your results are less than what you expect or that you notice that performance of your website is declining, one thing comes to mind. To fix it.

To know what to improve and what to fix, it is essential for you to be able to know what the problem is. The tools that are available on the internet are a great way for you to find out the source of the issue.

No matter how beautiful or how interactive your website is, mobile users will look for mobile and user-friendliness.

First and the number one priority on that list is speed.

Although speed is a critical factor that webmasters should look into, it does little to affect your ranking in the SERPs or Search Engine Results Page. However, when on the internet, even a little can go a long way.

Since the demand for mobile internet keeps on growing, the speed of a website affects a visitor’s dwell time and bounce rate. This makes the implementation of Mobile-First Indexing is still real. Maybe by then, speed will become a force to be reckoned with.

In the meantime, you can prepare and optimize your website. This will make it easier for you and your site when that time comes. Being at a ready and alert can get you a long way.

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