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It’s not just kids that get to celebrate Easter. In fact, grown-ups (and digital geeks like us) can feel like it’s Easter every day thanks to Google. The search engine company brilliantly embodies their motto ‘Don’t Do Evil’ with their fun – and often hidden – little jokes they like to call ‘Easter Eggs’. Like traditional eggs, users can hunt for them all over the Web as well as other Google products (Google Play Store, Google Docs, Google Maps, etc,).

They already began the fun with clever April Fools’ jokes such as the dial-up internet announcement on their Fiber blog (we can only imagine the horror that people must have felt!). And of course, one of Google’s best eggs yet: playing Pacman on your very own street on Google Maps. Simply type in your street, click the Pacman icon, and bang your keyboard away.


This works well on browsers, but you can also join the Pacman fever on mobile – if you can find the little Pin, that is. Our team has definitely had an early morning rush playing the nostalgic game on our street address. But if you want something a little less adrenaline-filled, we gathered several of Google’s other eggs for you to keep in your basket.

Google Easter Eggs 2015

  • If you feel like going back in time (literally), let Google help you with that. Just type in “Google in 1998” on the search field and you will see the search engine as it was in the 90’s. It sure made us think of how far progress has taken us (thank you to minimalist designs!).


  • One of Google’s best pranks to date: go to (sorry – Easter egg no longer available!) and experience the Web backwards! Although the domain name sort of defeats the purpose, everything on the page – including the results – are the other way around. Good luck!


  • If you feel like going back in time (literally), let Google help you with that. Just type in “Google in 1998” on the search field and you will see the search engine as it was in the 90’s. It sure made us think of how far progress has taken us (thank you to minimalist designs!).


  • You’ll be surprised by how many actors are actually related to Kevin Bacon in some way. Try a Hollywood actor’s name plus “Bacon number” and be amazed at the results.


  • Feeling like a secret agent recently? Put in “Bletchley Park” on the search field and watch the title on the info card (the little box on the right hand side). It will look as if it’s being deciphered. This is Google’s tribute to Bletchley Park, in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire where the Government Code and Cypher School of U.K. was. In WWII, the institution helped break most of the secret communications of the Axis Powers.


  • If you’re familiar with the “Game of Life” by British mathematician John Horton Conway, you will love Google’s homage to the 2D game. Type in “Conway’s Game of Life” and you will see tiny square cells, as described by Conway. If you look closely, it will spell out something.
  • Do you have accounts you want to permanently obliterate from the Web? Google has the perfect solution: an Account Killer that will erase accounts and service you don’t need. Just be careful: it’s so smart that it can even detect whether you’re male or female!


  • Are you a Whovian? Get ready to be blown away by Google’s own Tardis. Visit this link on Google Maps, find the Tardis, and click the Up arrow button on your keyboard for an out-of-this-world view.


  • The browser isn’t the only place to find Easter eggs. Remember: they are everywhere and anywhere. Often, they are in the most unexpected places on the Web. We checked out Youtube and was blown away by their geeky tribute to a worldwide sensation. Type in “Beam me up, Scotty” on the search field and see what happens to your videos.


  • Even CAPTCHA wants to join the fun this Easter! The new ReCAPTCHA features a dancing robot with smooth moves once you complete the process. Prove you’re no robot and watch him do the Harlem.


  • This is not exactly an Easter egg, but it’s still a cool tool most people have forgotten to use these days. Remember the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button? Hover over it and let it guide you to some of Google’s great apps. Visit the Culture Institute if you’re feeling wonderful; or head on over to Google Earth if you’re feeling stellar.


The search engine giant has since produced over a hundred awesome Easter eggs, most of which (like the Google Reader ninjas and the Legoland Pegman) have been discontinued. When hunting, widen your scope to include other Google services such as Google Play, Google Docs, Google+, and even Android devices. Be on the lookout for more as Google developers prove they are out there to “Do No Evil”.

Have you found any Easter Eggs? Tell us in the comments!

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