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5 Amazing Benefits of Google AdWords for Your Business

Google Adwords Benefits

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing continue to increase in the market. This is because more and more people become interested and connected with technology. The online market is incredibly powerful. So it is very important to understand how everything works online.

Google had developed an online advertising service which is now called Google AdWords. The aim of this service is to help marketers reach their customers in an instant. When you search for something on Google, like a particular term, Google will give you a list of searches. But if you would look closely at the results, you will notice that the top and the bottom results are generally ads.

The Benefits of Google AdWords

1) AdWords can Give Results Faster than SEO

AdWords and SEO are the main components of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). They are among the most valuable tools when running digital marketing campaigns. They are bot search engine marketing strategies in order to generate more traffic. But AdWords actually work faster than SEO.

A well-optimized AdWords campaign can get the first spot in search, and like your service pages, are crucial for ranking.

And the reasons are the following. First, you can use multiple keywords to focus on at a time. You can even turn the campaign on or off whenever you need to. And ads that appear on the top search get immediate visibility. But this does not mean that you can now ignore organic sources. Yes, organic sources have long-term benefits but AdWords can give you a better chance of driving more traffic. The platform is also transparent. This means that you know exactly what is happening with the ads.

2) AdWords Can Increase Brand Awareness and Reach Customers through Gmail.

Aside from boosting traffics, AdWords is an efficient way to market your brand to the people. Google and Ipsos had even released their new meta-study. It is all about the effectiveness of search ads on increasing brand awareness.  As for SEO, your rank depends on the number of your brand name searches and its alternatives. 

Email marketing has been one of the most used strategies in every business. Google fused Gmail ads with AdWords to make it available to advertisers. This means that you can reach more potential customers through their Gmail inbox.

3) Reconnecting with Website Visitors and Remarketing on Display Network

AdWords can reconnect you to your website visitor. There are people who normally visit or window shop to your website but haven’t taken action. You can remind them of what you can do through Display Remarketing and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) campaigns.

There are two types of Remarketing.

  1. Remarketing on Display Network – helps advertisers target visitors on different websites using banner images. Take note that this is only possible if the website is ad-supported. 
  2. Remarketing on Search Network – runs remarketing campaigns on the search network.  In this campaign, advertisers need to add keywords. Google ads can match the user’s search query using that keyword and remarketing list.

4) AdWords Lets You Measure Performace and Explore Ads

AdWords can tell you what is happening with the campaign. With his, you will know who clicked your ad, the number of leads and traffics being generated, and how much does it cost you per lead. With all these data, marketers will understand what worked and what didn’t. They can also undergo media planning and buying for the success of an advertising campaign. They can now tweak campaigns to achieve the most desired results. 

You can actually explore a lot more when you link Google AdWords account to Google Analytics Account. These two can work well together in letting you know the following. On the list is how long a visitor stayed on a page, the number of pages that have been visited, and the bounce rate of your landing page among others.

5) AdWords Tackle Competition Better

Google AdWords takes the competition to the next level. It gives search marketers free tools to compete for clicks. Usually, people are searching for something related to your product. If you are not running any ads but your competitors do, you will lose potential customers.   And this is not good for business. You have to understand how they promote their business and what kinds of ads they run so you can enter the game. Google AdWords can actually help you. All you have to do is to grab the opportunity and make your business stand out through advertisement.

With that, it is important to know the value of advertising. There are different studies about the psychology of advertising but one thing is for sure. You have to work hard to stand out in the competition.

The digital world is so diverse that plenty of new tools are showing up here and there. You have to do is to keep up. And it’s really hard to compete in a field full of experts so you have to arm yourself too. And this is how Google AdWords can help you reach success.

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