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As a small business owner, you know that promotion is key. Without a steady flow of new customers, your business won’t make it. That’s why it’s important to be constantly brainstorming new ways to get the word out there about your company. In this blog post, Introbrand discusses effective small business promotion ideas that you can apply to your business!

1. Make a promotional video – Appeal to the eye with a video

Making a promotional video is an excellent way to get the word out about your small business. In today’s age, people are constantly consuming video content.

Creating a promotional video for your small business can reach a large audience and promote your company creatively and professionally. There are a few things to keep in mind when making your promotional video. Here are some of them:

  • Keep it under two minutes – People have short attention spans, so make sure your video is concise and to the point.
  • Tell a story – A well-told story can captivate an audience and leave a lasting impression.
  • Use visuals – Use strong visuals to grab people’s attention and communicate your message quickly.
  • Highlight what makes you unique – What sets your small business apart from the rest? Make sure to highlight that in your video.

Make sure it’s a high-quality video – A low-quality video will reflect poorly on your small business. Thankfully, online video makers like Introbrand’s video animation maker can help you create a high-quality video without breaking the bank.

Tip: After making your video, you should know where to post it for maximum reach. Here are some ideas:

  • Your website
  • Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok)
  • YouTube (intro maker for youtube)
  • Online directories (Yelp, Google My Business)

2. Organize an event – Make a splash with a small business event

Organizing an event is another great way to promote your small business. A small business event can be a great opportunity to get people interested in your company and what you have to offer.

For example, you could hold a grand opening for your small business or host a workshop to teach people about your products or services. You could even partner with another small business to co-host an event!

No matter what event you decide to hold, ensure it is well-planned and organized. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a date and time that works for your target audience.
  • Pick a location that is easily accessible and has enough space for your guests.
  • Promote your event ahead of time through various channels (social media, email, flyers, etc.).
  • Create a memorable experience for your guests.
  • Follow up with your guests after the event to thank them for attending and invite them to your next event.

3. Offer discounts and coupons – Who doesn’t love a good deal?

Offering discounts and coupons are a great way to entice new customers to try your small business. Everyone loves a good deal, so this is an excellent way to get people in the door.

Just ensure you don’t offer too many discounts or you could lose money. You should also see that your coupons are easy to find and use. Here are some ideas:

  • Include a coupon in your promotional materials
  • Post coupons on your website or blog.
  • Share coupons on social media.
  • Email coupons to your subscribers.

Nothing gets people talking like a good deal, so make sure you take advantage of this small business promotion idea!

4. Maximize your Social Media Presence – Make some noise on social media

Social media is probably one of the most effective tools to get the word out about your small business. With over three billion people using social media worldwide, there is a good chance your target audience is on one (or more) of these platforms.

And if you strategize carefully, you can reach many people with minimal effort. Here are some tips:

Determine which platforms your target audience is using and focus your efforts there.

Is your target audience mainly on TikTok? Then create engaging videos that will get them talking. Are they on Facebook? Create a page for your small business and start sharing content.

Do you think they would be interested in Instagram? Start an account and post stunning photos of your products or services.

Post regularly and vary the content you share (photos, videos, articles, etc.).

Don’t just stick to one type of content. Post regularly, and vary the content you share to keep people engaged.

Engage with your followers and other users on the platform.

Engagement is one of the key factors in social media success. So make sure you take the time to like and comment on other people’s posts and respond to any comments or messages you receive.

5. Sponsor a local event – Be a part of the community

Sponsoring a local event is a great way to show your support for the community and get your small business name out there. When you sponsor an event, your small business name will be included in all promotional materials (e.g., flyers, posters, website, etc.).

This will give you great exposure and help you reach new potential customers. Plus, it’s a great way to show your support for the community. Here are some tips:

  • Identify local events that would be a good fit for your small business.
  • Contact the event organizer and inquire about sponsorship opportunities.
  • Create promotional materials (e-flyers, social media posts, etc.) to promote your small business before, during, and after the event.
  • Engage with attendees at the event and promote your small business.
  • Make sure you follow up with the event organizer after the event to thank them for the opportunity and express your interest in sponsoring future events!

6. Collaborate with other small businesses – Join forces!

What better way to promote your small business than teaming up with another small business? When you collaborate with other small businesses, you can reach a whole new audience.

Plus, it’s a great way to build relationships with other small business owners in your community. Here are some tips:

  • Identify small businesses that would be a good fit for a collaboration. Reach out to the small business owner and pitch your collaboration idea.
  • Promote collaboration on social media and other channels.
  • Engage with the other small business owner and promote your small businesses.
  • Make sure you follow up after the collaboration to thank the other small business owner for their time and effort!

7. Utilize Google My Business – Get found online!

Google My Business is a free tool that allows small businesses to manage their online presence. When you set up your profile, you can control how your small business appears in search results.

Plus, you can use Google My Business to post updates, photos, and special offers. When you have a verified profile, potential customers can find all the information they need about your small business in one place.

Here are some tips:

  • Create or claim your small business profile on Google My Business.
  • Verify your small business profile to show you’re a trusted source of information.
  • Fill out your profile and include photos, videos, and other relevant information.
  • Post updates, photos, and special offers on your small business profile.
  • Engage with customers who leave reviews or ask questions.
  • Monitor and respond to customer feedback regularly.

8. SEO your website – Make sure you’re seen!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the visibility of your website in search engine results.

Optimizing your website for search engines can increase your chances of being found by potential customers searching for businesses like yours. Here are some tips:

  • Research keywords that potential customers are using to find businesses like yours.
  • Include these keywords in your website content, page titles, and metatags.
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices.
  • Monitor your website’s traffic and analytics regularly.
  • Update your website content regularly to improve your SEO.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your small business doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. You can reach new customers and grow your small business by utilizing these simple yet effective promotion ideas! Good luck!

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