Did you notice anything different about your business page lately?

That’s right: Facebook post options just got a new look. Although it’s still not clear whether this update will be applied to ALL categories of business pages, those who have it find it a cool and convenient feature (us included!).

What you post on social media matters a LOT – but more so if you’re a brand or business. Whether it’s a photo, video, an article link, or a meme, people will take notice. How fast you publish matters, too. For trending news, it’s vital that you get the news out, quick. Otherwise, you lose out to competitors who are more responsive.

That’s why we hope that the new design for Facebook post options is here to stay.

Facebook Post Options Explained

These changes are in fact, subtle. And not everyone is seeing these changes on their pages. The actions of Facebook post options themselves did NOT change. For example: in the old look, you can do the following:

Old Facebook Post Options

You are still offered the same post options as before. The only difference is the new look.

Facebook Post Options unlideals

The Facebook post options will depend on the nature of your business page (by the way here’s how to create a Facebook business page). For instance: the action ‘Get people to view a product’ is only available for those under the e-commerce category. Also, you won’t be able to properly use this feature if you didn’t upload any products to your business page.

Facebook Post Options

Two other Facebook post options specific to e-commerce business pages is ‘Get sales’ and ‘Help people find your business’. Select one action, customize by adding a text description and/or changing the featured image, and hit publish. These post options come with their own call-to-action button that’s particular to their objective.

Facebook Post Options

Should the social media giant decide to roll out the new post option design, this would be good for three reasons:

  • It should help business owners and social media managers see everything in ONE glance. Unlike the old look, some people might miss other post options because they’re not easily visible.


  • They’re very user-friendly. Even non-tech savvy folks can feel confident that they can maximize Facebook post options on their business page. In a single click, you can easily create the post specific to your purpose (e.g. to create an event, promote a photo/video, or encourage calls to your business).


  • As always, these are measurable on Facebook Insights. Simply proceed to ‘Actions on Page’ to check the number of people who responded to each type of post you made for your page.

Then, it’s up to you whether you want to publish it immediately, schedule it for future promotion, OR backdate to the past.


Facebook Post Options: Quicker and Better

If you’re new to Facebook business pages, learn the ropes first. Read guides and download resources for your benefit. Avoid jumping on fads or bandwagons, especially if you don’t know how and where it began. You don’t want to be the next marketing fail (e.g. OxiClean on Tax Day and Pepsi Max on Cristiano Ronaldo).

Should Facebook roll out this feature for all business owners and brands, it should help you shave off seconds in your social media campaign. Not sure how to do this? Contact an expert today and see how we can help.

6 thoughts on “Facebook Post Options for Business Pages Gets a New Look
  1. Hannah

    This is the good thing about Facebook because it keeps on improving its interface making it more convenient for page owners to select what call-to-action to update on the page – which leads to more interaction and conversion in the future. Thanks for sharing! I am looking forward for more Facebook Page tips posts!

  2. Jameson Stone

    Hi Al,

    Thanks for sharing this news. Although I haven’t experience the update, I’m excited to see this soon.

  3. Cristin Claymont

    This is great, Al! I think this will make businesses more efficient in updating their Facebook Pages. Cool job that this will also make social media managers more lively active as they are presented with visually entertaining and more organized options.

  4. Jona Scott

    Thanks for citing the updates in the business page of Facebook, Al. I like the new interface of the business page as it is well-organized. Hoping that Facebook team will produce other updates that will improve the campaign of the social media managers.

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